Monday, 12 January 2015

These boys were on the case at Macau, fast and brutal that's for sure, all on a track about 5 meters wide with wire about 10 meters tall.

Sonny and Cher on their new triumph.

The new style of getting a bike through a corner, In't mah day we called this t'crashin.
An MT250 Elsinore, had forgotten about these until this image came up, classic dirt bikes
A very pretty Guzzi

Nice paint for a standard bike
Amazing that the thing didn't split open and blow his hand off, all 8 times.

Oh ho, I like this little jigger

Nice bikes in a shop for a service
Who da man, you da man

Pure engineering and motorcycling porn

No I do like this, coming from the rifle sight motorcycle shop, this is great work

More porn. Controls yourselves!!!!!

A DT360, who didn't want one of these when they came out, I lusted after these, $960 new, when a TS250 savage cost $650.
The 'non' works Yamaha teams get this next year.

Build it, build it
this is a good looker

 Gold wing MotoPG hill climer, street stunter, drag racer thingy

 Serious bits of crappiness I think
 Volvo should make this one I think.

 Over from Japan do some interesting work that's for sure. They have a great eye for the aesthetic of a motorcycle and then build brutes of things. God bless em.
 MV adventure bike, well OK, it looks the part

 Mule have a great design aesthetic as well

 How nice is this

 Don't normally see them this color, interesting

What this guy doesn't know about Porsche could be written in a stamp.

 A new Moriwaki coming out of a New Zealand shed to be sent back to japan so the Cros can do some demo laps, nice bike, choker full of history
 There's adventure bikes way down there riding in this fantastic country called new Zealand

 We am so blessed

 On the gas, going hard in the wet

 Tidy little bike to have on the back deck

 Leaving trails of two stroke oil all through the streets of your neighbourhood

 This is what it's all about, getting out there to fall on your face and make a fool of yourself in front of your mates, and at the end of the day having a beer in some back country pub before the long and tired ride home. I love it. Wish I had my Husky, but it's still being fixed after 3 months.

 sad enough that it needed two engines really

 Now there is just something about garages that I dig.
 two Aermacchi bolted together, nice
 Been here and done that ohhh about a million times

 Nice Monsters

 It was a tiny winny,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,well you get the story

 he's out on her Vespa, and she's getting hot

There's two of my bikes on this start line.
And there they go.

i ahd one of these too, it was a pile of shit and left me stranded in more out of the way places than an unpaid hooker.

Nice paint


I do like this a lot. I very nearly did this

Now i do love trout fishing, but the only thing she is going to catch is a cold

I love the 'agricultural' nature of Guzzi's

Robert doing what he did so well.

Look a bit like hot cross buns don't they?

 A Supercharged Guzzi

A CX for my mate Feildo he thought that there weren't enough Cx's on the site, personally I think there are not enough CX's on our rides FEILDO!!!!

Check the engine, lick it hug it it's OK it wont give you germs

Ha and there you go I thought that this was the end of this weeks blog and BAM all of a sudden here's some more images worthy of this weeks blog.

 Oh yeah seen this a million times eh Mr. Cameron

 Now that's a nice mix
 Now this guy collects motorcycles

 He came he saw he kicked arse 4 years away comes back and beats his own record.

 Oh yeah, beach racing with your mates, straight line shit it's great

 Honestly it's all about that engine

 This one was particularly famous but not with these carbs
Nice switch gear

 I love this image, there is such a cacophony of engineering going on here, it's jumbled mixed up and all about making things work like they should with the minimum of metal and its all here in this image.

And here, fucken brilliant work

Rocket Ron Haslam

Nice NZ Guzzi here Vince Burrell.

Even these look nice

Mrs Pasolini and mrs Sarrinen, both husband killed at the same race meeting. Ducati named one of their bikes the Paso in honor of him, and Jarno was without doubt going to be a great rider, but sadly they never made it.

The dude on the left is having some issues

Some where there is a very sad and lonely wanna be motorcyclist

Und snoth youth take the thecond turn phlat out in thecond

A very very nice RT Nine

It can be done
A very nice kawasaki cafe here

So that's all I have this week for you. Welcome to my new followers and new friends, glad you could call by and look at the blog. Hope you enjoy your stay here for a while.

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