Monday, 5 January 2015

Righty hoooo then, bigger this week because I was away and you haven't had your fix since Wednesday last week. So more of everything really. More ladies, more bikes, more planes, and more Horse Power then you can handle.

Stale time for this wee jet

Yeah nah........

Nice little Ducati single trail bike.

 Some people just seem to get it wrong.

Judging from the frame just behind the engine here, I'd say that this was a Paso originally, and the swing arm too, but it's pretty hard to tell. And I don't like it at all.

 I remember mornings like this in London as a dispatch rider, it was abysmal and fun. This is why I don't ride in bad weather anymore, cos I've had my fill.
 I have no idea of what is going on here.

And now a brief interlude from bikes and shit to.........

A strange but nice collection of cars in this little garage.

If you watch closely, you can see him change down a gear by the puff of smoke that comes out before he throws it right

 This is the most powerful release of horse power that man has made, I love it, light the fuse and stand back please, we're on a ride to the heavens

 mad max's daily ride
 Sorry there are a number of ugly bikes in this weeks blog, this one about takes the cake. people must learn when to stop and say "enough is enough".

 Actually this Sunday for the part two of this movie. On Any Sunday is a seminal motorcycle movie and The Next Chapter is released this weekend. Go and see it.

I'm seriously considering that this will become my 100th motorcycle

Judging from the look on his face his suit must be scratching him.

 I had some images of these a few weeks ago, but more images have popped up, thought that they were in Spain, but they were in Nevada or Texas.

 Amazing shot of old jet engines

 Flat slides and Megaphones, beautiful

 This to me is porn.

I'm going are you?

 Two lovelies waiting for a ride

 I like this a lot

 Horse power plays here

 A very nice little Guzzi

 Wayne Raineys R1 made to look like a TZ

 A steam punk cafe in South Africa, how cool is this place

 There's been a lot of press of late about the brutality of the Police in the states, and here we start to see people filming these acts.  What do you think. The dude in the wheel chair msut have posed a real risk to the public.

 Thsi is what happens when you control people with paranoia and then give the police special powers. Sounds like the thin edge of the wedge here in NZ.

 Whip it good

 Would you like the double thick crust with that

That's all.

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