Thursday, 15 January 2015

K, here's this weeks Guzzi blog. Shit it's amazing how the week has gone by and how many draft blogs I have sitting in the back ground waiting to go. But I cant help myself, they just keep coming. Been having some interesting conversations this week with people that i used to race with, people that want to race again, and people that reported on the racing, it's been quite an eye opener for me, and I have enjoyed running through the old images. Looking forward to a big ride down south with my buddies in a few weeks time for the Southern Sound of Thunder in Christchurch and seeing so many Brittens in one place again. I can feel the antici              pation building. Going with a whole bunch of New Zealand racing Luminaries with a whole heap of international titles between them and more than a few WSBK wins under their belts, so I know it will be fun. I've even have a mate who hasn't been on a bike for over 25 years and he's coming too. It's going to be epic. So keep your eyes peeled as the images will rack up soon. Ramble ramble but what the fuck,  enjoy this weeks blog. For those of you are new here, this is just a pictorial of things that I like, not much comment, more "I just look at the pictures' kind of thing. best taken with a whiskey and a bit of peace and quiet.

 Britten tried to make a single, oh what this could have been.

Just in case you're wondering what you should eat with your beer

Rossi said in an interview after being warned nothing dirty and in three words " what do you think of Marquez", the which he replied "little fucken shit". ha ha

"what was that?".
Oh that's what it was, 600 liters of av gas
Shit, some work in here

Cros, doing what he did best

 Yeah Nah, this is just wrong, it's a good place to put old people though.

I've seen this before we learned how to hang off the side

 Now that's a spicy meatball!!!!
It has to be said, but back int day, they really used to line up some good shit
 I do like this

 I've always had a soft spot with these, this is what mine should have looked like before I screwed it.

Stonking unit



Like the Tonka Toy

I think when I see this image, who gave them the fucken right?

 These guys knew what they were years ago, and anything now is just a copy.

I got this
 I used to have this calender with this image on it

A vagina dryer

This was probably one of the only ways to make the triple Kawasaki handle.


Manfield with crazy man Falappa
See these bastards knew how to do it even then, class is just class

Steve baby
here's that Tonka Toy again

Now how fucken nice is this?

A gaggle of Guzzi's

She's got a bit of understeer, but otherwise it goes like it's on rails

This was the first race track for motorcycles in Christchurch, it's been long filled in and covered in houses for people who dont like the sound of motorcycles racing, wankers.

Nice office

I love these

Well that's a plan isn't it?

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