Thursday, 22 January 2015

I used to sit at this desk, it was nice.....mine was specialer though
And I built one just like this, although this one has Marvics

The SP5, perhaps the heaviest of the SP variants and certainly not the most powerful, but still bloody beautiful just the same.
Nice bevel engine

My current thing

No he's not a super hero ( ok he was to some) but this is Dick Man

Now make it.

Those seventies pads were amazing yeah???? You remember don't you, don't you well you missed out they were amazing

Another office I frequented

Now this thing is so big it can carry 900 million cans of baked beans in one go

Wrong on so many levels eh?

Bubba Shobert a massively talented rider who was cut short of greatness at Laguna Seca

Pretty little Laverda

It's back home to race this week

Look closely
A failed attempt at two wheel drive. It worked but do me a favor it was as ugly as a bulldog chewing a wasp

Motus manufacturing by the look of it

A V8 1000 CC Australian bike, made from 2 FZR400's.
This guy has to be a serious head, I mean who would tour the world on a 996

Engineering is great

It's in the details

Sorry ugly will always be ugly unless of course it's fucken ugly and this is that
I don't like the Aerial but i do like its front end engineering

This one was pretty ugly too, in fact it was so ugly they couldn't decide what color to paint it, Black to make it dissappear or orange to make it stand out ( the thought being if you cant be it just flaunt it. Sorry ugly is ugly

How nice is this even after 24 years, its beautiful

Mimicking the Britten so well

A very nice Rickman 900 kawasaki

And somewhere in Russia

get down to Motomart before they are all gone for another 6 months, they've got a couple in there now. Go buy one

This is how you get rid of pesky fucken hitch hickers

I'm loving the Toyota landcruiser

man food

Look what I found on my deck today

 Egli greatness

 I had one of these, it was epic

 Mr Anstey a Kiwi on a Kiwi bike

 Art in metal

 I would have to say that this is a Ducati swinging arm, i recognise that work anywhere

 What a great shoot Keith Moon a certifiable loon, and look at the car he's sitting on

 These are bevels for those of you who dont know , bevels they were very important in Ducatis
 These are very important in most bikes except speedway and ice racing

 Street racing in New Zealand
 been here done that

 Going over the mountain at Bathurst

 All for lightness

 Ducati are the only people who understand the aesthetic of a motorcycle as well as the practicality and this is what they do. For those of you who are too young, this is a kick start and it is how we used to start our motorcycles, no seriously, we used to open them out ( if they were new and tucked away), and then we would twist the throttle a couple of time, make a silent prayer and then push down really hard with our foot and hope that the bike would start, if it didn't the only thing that changed when you repeated the exercise was the prayer got longer and louder ( commmmeee onnnn Godddd pleeeease)
 This is where petrol goes and if you get it right you get good power


 Street racing NZ style
 Street racing Gracefield in the early 70's

 Robert Holden in third wanganui

 If you race, you end up looking like this, a massive smile followed by the realization that you've just blown another massive wad of cash. Good one Terry, great shot
 Maria Costello Wanganui 2014
 Street racing in New Zealand Wanganui style

 Nice toys

 That's a Guzzi look, down between your legs at the engine, "wha??? the fuck now".

 This is a medal you gave yourself for trying really hard

 An office not a lot of people get to sit in. Still it fucks me off that there is no gear lever, I mean please, even if it was a fake one that lit your bloody cigars or something

 Phil Payne and Bill Biber

 This plane never flew, it was considered to dangerous for the enemy!!!!!

 That's looks like a Triumph tank, why didn't they fit something that fitted

 The nicest gloves a man can by from deus, lovely

 Ram Air was where it was at
 Now how nice are these?

 Well that didn't go according to plan did it? I mean look at the height of the ramp against the side of the van, what the fuck did he think was going to happen

 Simple, garage project know how to do it, this can, not some fruit laden shit with after tastes or citrus notes and faint grassy knowl smells, it's fucken beer

 This made me laugh so put it in to give you all a giggle

 I am I am

Well that was a smoking episode, hoped you all enjoyed it, actually don't know why I say that every time, I don't care if you enjoyed it, because I bloody well know you did.

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