Thursday, 12 March 2015

It's been a rough old couple of weeks that's for sure. Kind of getting tired of what I've been doing but have to go through with it. Never mind, here for your viewing pleasure is this weeks installment of the V2Guzzi blog. Must say I'm constantly astounded by the amount of great bike builds there are going on around the world, it really does stagger me. I have at least another 6 weeks of blogs up my sleeve and sometimes i cant decide which one to release. This one is about 2 months old, So had a great ride around the South island on the new Diavel, I'm loving that bike and I think I may have just found my 'mistress' so to speak. I just cant stop riding it, 5000 k's in 4 weeks. My guzzi is just about finished and my Husky is now back home after 9 months of work, so my world is slowly but surely falling back into place. So here for you is this weeks installment, enjoy, if not you know what to do.

 Now I've said this before the Italians do know their shit when it comes to metal and how to make it lovely

 Eddies Suzuka toy was quite nice

 had one, and really liked it, my first proper race bike

 isn't that just ever so pretty

 barry on his Titan
 And for Kenny it was a good year.
 Moto2 is going to be hot this year, can't wait

 Eddies thang
 Not too sure what these were or are

 Another use for an FJ 1300 engine I suppose

 This IS noice
 This is quite a nice CX

 late in the evening in the light of dark

 Luck and Jimmy Adamo? at Daytona
 Led Zeppelin Road TS 125's and RV90's, it must have been where they got their inspiration from. Love the number plate on the front mudguard, thank goodness that doesn't happen any more.

 I liked this Guzzi.

 A 1500cc Triumph Sextant

 This guy still thinks he's riding his Harley to the office
 A stunning image

 Markie's new toy for the year, so so nice ( did I just say that).

 Doug Domokos? The king of wheelies, give him a 1300 Kawasaki and watch him go.

 Joseph and his amazing techno colored Triumph

 I never knew that dellorto made flat slides, go figure I went from pumpers straight to injection

 Believe it or not these things were really really simple to work on. It was kind of like a meccano set for dummies, every plug was a different size that would only fit into the opposite different sized plug, you could literally throw the loom on the frame in the right direction and there was an opposite plug waiting, it was almost fool proof. I loved these bikes.

 Yeee Haaaaa sproing sproing bounce sproing wobble sproing clunk, repeat next lap
 Check out the size of that swinging arm, I mean the power that must be contained by this is amazing

 Living on the edge

 No thanks honey, I'm reading about the drag coefficients of leading link drum brakes

 ha ha I laughed when I saw this image, kind of like a car from the animated movie CARS

 You can get very hot riding Vespas

 Oh yes please, let me at that

 Would you mess with this girl?
 Or would you 'mess' with this girl

And that's about that. I'm off to the Britten festival next week, so keep your eyes posted for some stunning bike action over the next few weeks.

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