Monday, 23 March 2015

OK, OK, I had the get this one out, as it's blocking up my system, if you know what I mean. This one strangely enough has more lovely ladies on it than normal ( if normal is a word at all) in the context of this blog. But there you go, I cant help that, it happens when you get lost inside the net. As usual lots of nice bikes, cars, and general good shit to look at. The world of motorcycling is a relentlessly changing place, nothing stays the same, and there are swings through retro, to modernistic, from plainly ugly ( the PC800 for instance), to the outright cool ( Hmm lets see quite a few bikes fit that), but what always amazes me, is that no one sits still for long, everyone is always trying to be better, and as a motorcyclists through and through I am pleased about that. And as no one sits still neither does this blog, with 2.5 million hits it seems that everyone is looking for something just a bit different, so this week, it just happens to have more girls than normal.

In the quiet of the afternoon, a motorcycle races down your street, men can tell what it is, just from the noise it makes, some don't notice at all.

It must be time to.................................take that one ha ha I win

It has to be said these Bently's are damned attractive cars

First one I've seen in Yellow

A 1000cc square four Kawasaki

You know that I like these, and every week another one comes along that I like. Motomart can't get enough of them, I can't get enough of them.

Flat slides, two strokes, The image above people the image above please.
Sometimes, you just want to take the builder and give him a good slapping, but each to their own I guess. A badly conceived color scheme can ruin a bike.
Ducati's in the Hampton Downs evening sun, nothing better really

A mans bike

Classic lines. Jeeeze the image above people the image above, oh OK you win the image below the image below

Nice bit of road

Funny I saw  a 500 Montjuich twin looking just like this in the weekend being ridden north, I nearly snapped my head off because I couldn't quite believe my eyes. Beautiful 

Tight three right, watch for bump, lean head 2 left, and..........roll.

Live long and Prosper RIP Spock

 Check out these welds, looks more like snake skin than the meeting of two metals, just beautiful.

 Yamahas FZ-07 in a flat tracker taking to the Harley dominance of the short track mile

 I had to laugh at this, in a strange kind of way it actually made sense.
And that folks is the mid week blitz. You have received this a bit earlier then normal, but that's only because I have about 7-8 backed up ( so much information), and I'm feeling the love today.

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