Thursday, 19 March 2015

There's an awful lot of images in this weeks installment showing the depth of the motorcycles that we are lucky enough to have racing here in New Zealand. I am amazed that some of these bikes are still running let alone racing. Amazing and full respect to the guys that look after this rich and diverse cache of motorcycle history, but not only that they are being raced as well. Respect to you all. A number of WW@ type images as well, I must have got caught on a site somewhere and these came out. Check out the bullet holes in the tank when you get to it. Oh there's also the usual collection of neat cafe bikes, and lovely ladies, and images of the motorcycling life style that we all indulge in.
A few new people on the list ( again) this week, so when you've finished looking at this go back through the archives and check out some of the rest. just make sure that you have a few hours up your sleeve though. I'm always hearing people say "I'm too busy, or i don't have time", but then I get comments back from them saying "wow, that was amazing, that image of such and such was beautiful where do you find them all". I just laugh because I know your all hooked on motorcycles, and here you can say " I just look at the pictures". Simple. Enjoy.

 A very lovely Guzzi cafe project, so well finished and it shows.
 Check out the paint

 simple, just so simple

 Going to be here in a few months time
 Mr Anstey a great NZ rider

 We are lucky enough to see these racing here in NZ
 Just like mine except different

 Pirro and flyin Fred

 FZR greatness

 Samantha Fox every young lads page 3 dream

 KR racing,

 Fuck that I reckon
 You needed confidence and this gentleman Croz has it in spades

 The right royal RC30, very very noice

 Billy giving it large

 This is getting closer to mine

From a design perspective, I remember looking at motorcycles years ago thinking to myself " there has to be a way of minimizing mass and centrally locating stuff. There use to be a lot of wasted space on motorcycles, and only in the last couple of years have they started to get the hang of it. Check out this Panigale exhaust, perfection in steel, titanium, and carbon,

 Bambers toy, sweet as bro

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