Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Well what a week, the Moto Guzzi wasn't ready, so I need a stonking motorcycle, went to my local Shop Motomart and dropped off the Guzzi for new tires, and a general tighten up ( bits kept flying off of it), and the new exhaust was not fitted correctly in that it held the brake lever on, so I cooked a disc and and a set of pads, and now have to get a new seal kit for it. Doh! Not happy with that. Anyhow, I wandered through the fully stocked sales room and set my eyes on an R Nine T, they are beautiful and I seriously would like one, but sitting just across the way was a nice Diavel just like this one, it's a stonking motorcycle and it seems that my arms are attached to my grin, because when I go like Braaaaapppppp down the road the pull on my arms seems to pull my mouth up into a smile, it's stonking, and I'm loving it. Motomart swapped my BMWF800R which I'm going to miss a bit. Only did 600K on that bike, but my mate Haydn and everyone else who rode it really enjoyed it. So this bike below is my 100th motorcycle!!!!!!!! and it did have to be a Ducati really.

 Really starting to like the look of these. My mate Bruce has one and I cant wait to see the results of his build.
 70's porn i think

My father just bought one of these, not bad for an 82 year old.

 I like this little Guzzi

I don't much like your two haha

 We need more of these down here in Wellington

 Looks like a nice way to spend some quality time between races

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