Thursday, 26 March 2015

Hey hey, it's Friday and you know what that means don't you? It's the Guzzi blog for your entertainment and education. It's a big day in the life of me today, tell you more about that later. been racking up the miles om my new Diavel, seriously loving that bike, and find myself saying to myself "self , why the fuck didn't you buy one of these before?". Seriously good fun. And now i find myself browsing the after market accessories for it. The Guzzi Daytona is nearly ready. I had to take the cow hide seat back because it was the only thing done in isolation to the bike, and it looks bloody ugly, so that's back being re-done ( Black with red stitching this time) and a bit more form. Images to follow once I have it up and riding. I've also ordered some tarrozzi adjustable bars for it as well, I don't think these oldish bones will handle that riding position for too long haha. So without further fanfare here's this weeks installment. Enjoy, oh and keep the messages coming, I do enjoy reading your thoughts

Motomart have them, go get them.
 pretty soon they will be needing shoulder scrappers

Pipe porn, where to find serious power right there

Katanas where a seriously lusted after bike when they came out

All the good bits here

Yum Yum
This is a serious workshop going on here. A number of images sprinkled through out this weeks blog, check out the bikes $$$$$$$$$$

 And I was like Brraaaapppppppp!!!!!!!

Always, always loved these

Mmmm box of horsepower goodies

To this day no one has built a sexier looking motorcycle. End game right there. No one.

Looking like a jar of jelly beans, this is a serious collection

See, see what I mean, it's missing 2 wheels and a small micro family plus dog. Yeah ( because it does what it's supposed to), but Nah ( because just Nah).
And in the dark, she waits

Cool little caravan

here's my Guzzi, some like it some don't, see what i mean about the seat, fugly eh?

 Some of my riding buddies

Thats a shit load of front and back end chatter

Now I like this mans style

Love this shot, speed is what this shot is all about

And thats all folks for this week, hope you enjoyed it. Remember spread the world, because I've going global, 2.5 million hits can't be that bad. Share me around ( I'm easy ).

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  1. Hey Grant, have you got any Photos of the Guzzi V50 that you restored a few years back. Was owned by Geraldine Booth in Wgtn. I had a long history with the Bike before she sold it.

    Murray McKenzie