Thursday, 16 April 2015

OK, OK so I'm pretty late this week and last week, I've had a pretty busy old time really doing shit that I wont bore you with, but I'm back and now that I have access to my PC at work I have all my files too, so here is last weeks V2Guzzi Blog and if I can sort the shit out here the one due now will be out either today or tomorrow. Lots of images. I actually ran into a little trouble with the blog two weeks ago by a lady that didn't think that I should show images such as these on the blog as it was sexist and degrading, but I've always thought that I've only ever showed the beautiful woman in here in the best possible light. Anyway she got told by a number of people not to open the file, simple really if you dont like motorcycles, planes, cars, anything that moves mechanically then don't bother the site is not for you, either that or you must be dead. Enjoy

My Baby at the moment, but the Guzzi is nearly ready, so so close.

Another great barn find, every model stingray sitting, and waiting

My other baby, new seat now done, and new handlebars arrived today

Some images from the 'good ole days' of New Zealand motorcycle racing

This is what Cros is building now, aren't they lovely. Tim Stewart ex Britten mechanic is putting them together and then off to Japan.

Glad that seats gone.


This is what you have to do when you take the belts off of a Ducati and make it a gear drive engine.

 A bevy of BDA engines waiting their turn to run

 When you see it...ha ha

This is a view down a two strokes throat.

 My mate had one of these and we used to push that all the time too!!!!! Should have put a heated panel on the trunk lid so we didn't get cold hands.

Just an exercise is speed, that's all, nothing wasted no excess

Add caption

Chris Haldane, Simon Crafer, some clazy japanese joker

New Zealand Ducati motorcycle Rally, must go next year.

So that was that one, it's a little rough around the edges but I still like it. Enjoy and keep your eyes peeled as I said there's another one on the way.

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