Thursday, 16 April 2015

Below is an interesting image taken by my good friend Michael Breen, it's the Le man that I restored sitting in the pit area of the Britten memorial weekend in Christchurch a month or so ago. It was nice to see it, and see that the new owner has added his touches to the bike as well. Love the Ohlins shocks.

My Daytona, is finally home, after a year of remodeling and re dos it's finally where I think it should be. ( I might change out the screen at some stage but for now it's OK). The seat looks way better now, so I am appy.

A rag tag bunch of fast misfits if ever there was some. This was taken last time we rode around the South island together, it was a real blast.

2xA ron Hendy and Scotty discussing the finer points of moisturizer.

George Morin Canadian Superbike Champion was along for the ride too.
Yours Truely and Hadyn Price giving it some advertising in Christchurch.
The east coast of the South island on a glorious day cant be beaten

Little River Akaroa. What do we do now, what do we do

A nice Rocket

Yes Yes I know I know, but it is bloody well done and I think even I would ride that

Whats that story about men and their vaginas?

just like mine.

With out doubt one of the prettiest Ducatis made

Old style advertising was great wasn't it.
The look most Harley riders get when they let go of the bars to wave.
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A very nice bike transporter that's for sure

Well there you go nearly caught up with myself. I still have another six blogs waiting in line to be released, but you'll have to wait for those. Rock On.

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