Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Hola everyone. This weeks installment has been sitting on my drive for a while now so thought that I'd better get it out. I find sometimes that when I upload an image it is nice and internet fresh, but by the time the blog comes out the images have been seen already, but that being that you still get to see them in all their collective glory. And some images you may have seen on other sites that you visit, but those same images are not seen by others until they see it here, so as far as I am concerned it's all good. And speaking of it's all good, so are the images for this week, so without further fanfare and trumpets trumpeting here is this weeks blog for you all to enjoy.

And just to get you in the mood.

 And then it went a bit pear shaped right from the start.

I've got a note pad just like that

What a great tennis player too!!!!!!

I've never so many together in one place, what would you call this, a school? a gathering? what?

Horsepower, plain and simple

They say that men have no feelings, that's not entirely true sometimes I feel like bacon.

I've never met this man, but I would love to.

It must have got too hot, so she went for a ride to cool down

This guy did a runner on his Harley through the local Mall.

He is verging on greatness and is only held back by the recklessness of youth

Who remembers this image?

A mans bike, true and simple

And with that little flourish that folks is that for this week. Hope you enjoyed it, if you didn't go find the door yourself. You will gain no further enlightenment from me.

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