Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hey hey, here's this weeks V2Guzzi for you. I've not been that well and seem to have got a couple of issues out of sequence, so I hope that this one is the right one for you all. I blame it on the drugs personally, but never mind here is the latest one for you all to enjoy. So enjoy alright!!!!!

What does Andrew do in his spare time, why he has family, well done that man.

 This one for you Haydn

 Cars that never made it.


 The things you can get when you buy a Ferrari.

 This is a disc valve two stroke in case you were wondering
 Custard Bugs are a shit. Bet that hurt.

The right venerable XL250.

 Ohhh Noooo

 They are here now.

This is the camera on Rossi's bike.
 A handful of lovely Italian motorcycles for you to drool over

 I quite like this, this way. My father has one but it doesn't look like as nice as this.

 What don't I love about this image. The Bluebridge taking motorcycles to heaven from Wellington

 A scene from Star Wars?

 The entrance to motorcycling Nirvana, the top of the South Island new Zealand heading into Picton.

 These are making a lot of noise, my local shop Motomart have sold 14 even before they get here.
 Rossi's American iron.
 It seems that only he can do this.

 Team Vespa are looking to have Marquez test for them
 I had one of these

 I'd love to be on that today. You can see my house from here!!!

 Rossi's iron.

Gary Goodfellow out for a bit of a beat.

I can tell that profile a mile away

Lets go racing

Paul Treacy fills Scotties toy
This is commitment
Don't know why there is an A on this bike. Big G
Coming over the bridge Wanganui
World Champion Ginger Molloy
Racing was so simple in those days, street racing New Zealand

Bob Toomey leading Richard Scott into the s's Wanganui battling on the streets

Scotties knife

Get used to this scene, coming to you from Motomart, get there buy one ( if you can)

Now that tire is fucked!!!!

And the cones stood quiet and somehow lonely

Been there done that

Bye Bye shuttle

Not to be used for pressing Rossi's clothes, but it is iron.

One of the prettiest Ducati's ever built

These things are epic, no matter how you look at them, they are what they are epic.

These guys actually built one

350 Kilometers an hour

American jets are not designed from this earth

Those clazy Asians, they so funny, brings a whole new meaning to rice burners

Nice lounge

I raced one of these for a while, quite nice little motorcycles and now might start looking for one.

Went to buy one of these this week, but it got too much dollar wise so had to pass on the bike, pity I love em, they are an epic little motorcycle.

And this is a nice ending for this weeks blog.

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