Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Right lets get this shirt off and get down to the serious work of bikes, and the motorcycle lifestyle that we all adhere to in some small way. Good food, great bikes, fantastic rides, best mates, doen the road and a bar waiting somewhere for us to stop in and enjoy what the day bought us. And then looking forward to tomorrow, because it will bring more of the same. It's all about the ride folks, I've only just come to realise that, every day matters, take it and give it a fucken good throttling. Enjoy my visual ramblings and I will meet you in that bar "down the Road, You know".

So light the fuse an hold on.

Avery nice wee 600 Yamaha single, looks like a lot of time and effort here.

A nice line up for the drive, couldn't really get better could it?

Stop pissing around and go get one.

Beautiful work to the rear of the Ducati

Ohhhh Yeeaaaahhhhh

This image made me laugh

A nice line up of Tri Colours

I think that goes here

TR500s rock

And I was like Braaapppppp
Noice workshop

And as they fell, not a sound could be heard


The OW01................................

Oh noooooooooooo

Stunning work here

A whole bunch of easter eggs

This looks confusing, but in actual fact it's very simple

I like this a whole lot

The Yas island Ferrari display

These are quite nice

How cool is this work?
Ferrari on display, this is utterly neat

This ones for you Mike Breen

This is what it's all about hardly yet 1 and already getting on a motorcycle.

sweet curves in all the right places

A beautiful little Guzzi to drool over

Back in the days when they partied hard after every race

castrol six hour days
Dont normally have this type of bike in here, but this one stopped me and caught my eye
This is more interesting though by a million


My helmet sitting in a bar

Oh yes

Guys new truck

MT Taranaki on a strange day

This is about the nicest CX I've ever seen, even I would own this

I'm going to have to try this one out I think

The mighty savage

For my mate Timmy

 4.2 kilos thats a mighty big cray.

 Before and after, personally i prefer the matt


 Mr Cool, John Britten in his early days

 Before and afetr

 Tin work is wonderful

 This made me cry

 Lovely work

I feel a bit like this at the moment.

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  1. Hey Grant, the black and white photo early into it, of the three bikes racing - 7, 56 and 57 - is that Hawksbury in the 80's???. looks a lot like it and me watching in the back ground.