Monday, 2 November 2015

Here's this weeks blog for you all. Some people will read it from end to end, others will just look at the pictures, some will appreciate the finer things in life and others will just dream. Of course there are dreamers out there, that's what this place is all about. Others actually do things, but to a man (and woman), everyone will appreciate what others are doing and what others are building. I've come to appreciate that the world is full of both sorts, and I applaud you all which ever side of the fence you sit on, that's the reason for me being here.
And if you don't like what's here or take some offence to the content, then you know what to do.

Check out these beauties, lovely restoration work

Classics racing in New Zealand
The Alchemy, what a lovely Australian made Ducati

Some of you will know what this is, we bolted them to every four cylinder car we had just so we could get 4 miles to the gallon. Gas was 50 cents a gallon then so it didn't matter.

You can see my house from here.

Porn, just pure porn


This thing was a monster, ridden in anger every time, fast, noisy, and ridden so well.

I've got one of these too!!!!! Well it has the same name at least

This is for my mate Veg, he would appreciate this.

Andrew tried out a Ducati at Barber a few weeks back.

Stephan Mertens Ducati doing a bit of 'self' riding Phillip island years ago

Kirsteen celebrating 9 in a row.
This is where I choose to be right now.

Now this paint is perhaps the best I have seen, not just only in execution, but in choice of color, the right design, all put together in one to make a fine motorcycle look even finer

I love the fact that people in the older days were so literal, aye it's either one or tuther nawt in between

Just a lovely moment caught in a moment. Unseen by most

A movie perhaps

I love these old images, these guys must have been hard bastards

Rd engine in a KTM frame, the best of both worlds perhaps?

Power packaged up to take away
I saw one of these just the other day, surprised? well you don't see that many about now, it was started and the familiar smell and noise instantly bought back fond memories of being scared shitless, a grin a mile wide, and some very fast and out of control rides. God bless them

Ha ha

My good mate Jason built a car for the Targa Ralley here in New Zealand
This is what he did to it. Ouch!!!!!!

Nice line up
Krauser did some strange stuff in the pursuit of speed
Just nice
How's this for a workshop eh?

Chuck Yaeger the first man to break the sound barrier, what a legend, I had the pleasure of meeting him and shaking his hand. What a guy

Andrew and Stephen at Barber raceway for the Britten festival

I can hear them now " the balance is spot on"
Looks like a little beastie doesn't it ?

They even had the streamliner there as well, that must have been a sight to see.
Filming for a movie called Stone, an iconic Australian movie, about love, laughter, mates,  erh no hold on it was about rebellion, mayhem, revenge, and blood lust to get even with the man.

Carl didn't always play right, his school report said 'does not play well with others'.
And I was like Brrrraaaappppppp!!!!!!

This is a very very nice Moto Guzzi

Good set up for filming your Sunday afternoon fangs with your mates

My oh my, say what you like about Ducati, but they do know how to push the boundaries and they can design a motorcycle.

Clever bastards
This images still gobsmacks me. I mean just take a moment to have a look at this.

Nice Shed
Bruce Anstey on his way around the Isle of Man in record time

Jeeeze the accountant wife looks to be a bit hard.

MV race bikes are starting to pop up everywhere.

Well boys and girls that's another wrap, hope you enjoyed the weeks images. Just remember keep dreaming, keep building, keep wanting more bikes, just keep the faith that our world is a little bit different to the 'normal' world and we will be alright. We walk both lives, that of motorcycling and that of 'normality' for the sake of conforming in some small way, but this l;ittle corner of the world is all for us.

Oh byline, I have to report that I have sold my Moto Guzzi, I put a somewhat silly ( but reasonable) price on it with the intention that if someone wanted to buy it for that price then I would sell it. If not I didn't care as I would still have a beautiful Moto Guzzi, but as it transpired someone wanted it, and now they have my lovely Daytona in their garage. I have another project to get on with, a new motorcycle, a new life, and new beginning, and a re focus on what and who is important to me. You couldn't even begin to understand what I have been through in the last 2 years and in particular the last 7 months, so it's off for a complete new start. And I for one am very excited about what is going to unfold in front of me. But more of that later.

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