Monday, 16 November 2015

Well that was an interesting week, for many different reasons. I could go on but you know what, this blog isn't about that, it's about everything that's good in this world and not the bad shit.
So here's this weeks blog, it's full of great images on all sorts of topics. I particularly like the miniature model craft that some very talented and patient people are doing, it just blows me away. Hot rods, planes, engines, racing, street life, beautiful women, fantastic photography oh and lots of motorcycles. lots of them. Viewership this year has now surpassed 2 million which is staggering really, that's an awful lot of people, so thank you all very much. My email account is daily inundated with fantastic comments, images, and general goodwill from you all. I feel like I am part of a global family that's for sure, and I am really looking forward to catching up with some of you when I am in Europe next year, thank you for the invitations to the various street rallies and club meetings, it's bloody brilliant. In particular looking forward to Mugello, the IOM and the Dutch TT. So anyway I ramble on, enough, here is this weeks episode of V2Guzzi.

 Love the amount of detailing that has gone into this car, simply outstanding.
 Now that's a body tattoo
 This is very cool.
 He looks more like he's in a fighter jet as opposed to a car.

 Flames a plenty, how many hours have gone into this lot.

 Pretty sure this is a turbine for a nuclear reactor, how much would this cost to build?

 Yeah I know, it's all about the paint

 Salt racers have a certain look to them

A very tidy build

 I mean check out the detail, both above and below, truly amazing

 Ahhhh a by gone era that is missed and the mighty charger too.

My favorite garage Guzzi's Ducati's, and some old dirty bikes too.

 Check out this miniature model, how amazing is that.

 Guzzi's always look fast

 Here's some more 'small' toys
 You are allowed to eat this

I love this color scheme

 My good mate Mike, has been out doing some gravel roads this weekend, looks bloody great. Soon Mike soon
 Model time again, how amazing are these.

 Hands up any of you who had one of these. I didn't ( which surprises even me), but I did have the 250, and the 360.

Pity these guys went out of business, they made a lovely helmet

 Looks like these guys have had some fun.
 The venerable BSA triple, what a noise these things made when on megaphones

 Tony, what do you think of this Norton, how nice is this?
 Clever bastards, how to get 2 pizza's into the oven at the same time. Now I know your all smiling thinking "oh yeah, true". haha

 Nice Katana
 The boys are back in town comes to mind here.

 Lovely engine, it's about the only engine that is instantly recognizable just by the color
 A cafe Griso, nice work that man, nice work
 Drool, I want.

 My god, the hours, the endurance, it never ceases to amaze me.
 What exactly are they trying to say. Truthful advertising me thinks
 Mike Sinclair and Paul Treacy working again on two strokes, this one for Kevin McGee to ride in Australia.
 Do i need to say it, paint maketh the bike
 A very nice little Guzzi.

 Now this is how brolly dollies should be treated

 A brute of a bike.

 This bike is interesting on so many levels, I love the engineering gone into it.
 All those little dimples are there to disturb the air so that when it gets to the suck part of engines, the air is all roughed up and ready to be mixed with the fuel.

 Now that is PHAT

 8 valve Ducati engines an 'L' twin it's called

 A voxan scambler anyone?

they do look nice, not me, I've ridden a couple of them,and it's a bit too focused for me
 A nice garage project
 The mighty Titan engine, these were cool when they arrived with a cloud of two stroke smoke, and rattly engines
 A brace of Leccies.......................................

 This is a very serious Ducatisti
 Nice work, bring the frame color to the engine is very very nice

 This is the Britten single prototype that never saw production, pity

 This is the first image of the H2R that i have been able to understand how the fairings and the bike is put together

 Love the petrol tank

 Vale, has raced his balls off this season, all dues to him.

 This is cool, I love a good modern two stroke,and this one fits that bill. Spondon frame and all.

 There's a lot of experience in this line up, love the 'screamer".

 Lafranconi love
 EBR have always done things differently

 It's an early christmas for someone.

 In their day these were the thing to have on your bike.

 I knew a guy that had one exactly the same as this, it was nice then and it's still nice now.
 Now this is a cool shop, I'm going there for a party apparently, really looking forward to it.
 About to be an incident.

 Yeah Nah, definitely a nah. Sorry to the owner if you are looking at this, but what were you thinking man?

 yeah, yeah kaffemachine build em well.

 Nice front end


 I quite like the match od this engine with this machine, it's not my thing, but it looks like it was built for that.

 Understated, and beautiful, classic lines and lovely styliing

 Thank god for traction control eh?

 Never a truer word
 It's pretty busy in there that's for sure.

 This is to help Dani win races, and he's doing pretty good at the moment

 Just lovely

Get that thang down

Hmmm something gone wrong here

A very sad picture, one of the NZ inter islander ferries the Arahura about to be beached to be pulled apart in India. As motorcyclists here in NZ you get to travel on these quite a bit, some trips memorable, some best forgotten, but all on board these. In this boats lifetime I've probably traveled on her 50 odd times, it was 3 hours of the calm before the ride or 3 hours before getting home. Going to miss this old floating bus.

Just for you Brycee.

Yeah Nah, yeah, this is one bloody nice scrambler, love the look of this.


Well there you go, I'm pleased that you had to read all the way to the end to see if you were mentioned or your bikes were included in the weeks episodes. Sorry if I left some out, there's more room next week, it's always busy that's for sure. Now piss off and go for a ride. 
Before you go though share the blog, lets get it right out there.

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