Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Well, here's a bonus for you all, in light of me just starting a new facebook page for the V2guzzi blog, which I invite you all to visit, here's is a double bonus issue released a week early for your weekend enjoyment. Go to Facebook and follow the site so that you can get your motorcycle fulfillment nice and early. I've tried really hard to keep the high standards that you've become accustomed to. Now I am ready to explode the site onto the world stage big time, so spread the word, join me on face book.
I truly hope you enjoy the site.

Ok, I've got one of the most powerful bikes lets just swing up another gear and put a fricken big turbo on it just to see how it goes.
GSXR's all in a row just waiting to be thrashed on every road and race track that we can find.

Just so pretty

Two strokes, I think this is the next movement ready for customisation to hit big time. I remember when it first hit, it was manic.

great shot

There's somehting I like about rat bikes, used and abused (as they should be).

I do like these. Must get a ride on one to see how they go.

Muzzy Muscle

Double A Ron doing his thang

What a lovely XS, I do like these too, mind you I like pretty much everything except for the PC800.
Yeah yeah, I've said it a thousand times, it's all about the paint

This thing was so light it would float through corners
How awesome is this?
Diavel's wearing different clothes, very pretty.

I have friends that ride like this.
Brand new Nortons found in a shop in Belgium, all since sold

Lovely John Player Nortons, he said Wankle Phnarrr phnarr

Miss my baby
Now that's put a spanner in the works

It's all about the ride

I remeber seeing these in London years ago, they cracked me up, they were all so serious.

Kevin Magee giving the screamer it's head.
Lovely paint work from my friend Madan Katana

Love the tank on this bike, makes it look fast just sitting there.

How's this bike? Not so sure on the number board but otherwise pretty cool

These may be old, but they are damn fine attractive motorcycles

I just got to say it again. Really?

I laughed when I saw this, because I do.

Filming On Any Sunday what a fantastic movie, as I sit here writing this, the movie is playing on my TV.


A green gathering
Some people really do have over inflated egos.

Was so sad for Valentino, he raced his nuts off all season only to have the championship snatched form his grasp. What a rider.

RD engine in a KTM frame, now we're talking

This makes total sense

Carb porn

Dick Mann.

Always liked the see through tanks

When you win multiple moto X championships, you too could have an entrance like this.

Nice design work on this tank

They barely packed that in there.

Whcih road would you take?

I wonder how many special factory tools you would need to get this thing working properly?

Motus are building a bloody interesting bike, kind of like a Guzzi on steroids.

Paint Paint Paint
I am a big fan of all things Mopar

A Brace of Guzzi's? a Gaggle of Guzzi's? A what, what do you call a whole bunch of Guzzi's together?

The old and the new

This does look nice, very nice
Ring Dingers gotta love em.
Hows this for a clever fire place, well cool

You all know that I love these things
Otaki beach way back before motorcycles and beach racing were bad
The God of the modern Guzzi Dr John.

It's nearly christmas
Now maybe, just maybe this is you Haydn?

Ouch and double Ouch, sen a lot of Ducati's broken in the middle.

Who has taken their grand ma or grand pa for a ride on the back of their bike?

For sale in Japan

Lovely work, always had a thing for white and gold

Now here's an idea a before ( pretty plain) and afetr ( pretty nice)
I had one of these fairing turn up for my new project, but didn't like it, so I gave it away to a mate of mine who could use it on his project.

I remember Gardner trashing this thing
For sale in Japan as well.

All the pretty things lined up in a row.

TZ500's were pretty cool too.

American motocross in the early days. It's pretty busy in there?

Motomart have them, they can do this for you. I wish people would get over the fact that if they want something special it does cost a bit more, you just need the will power to get it done and then enjoy somehting that is yours, and that no one else will ever have.

Perfection, a well made custom is a sight to behold.

Even standard bikes looks like customs in Ducati's eye's.

How many of you have been scared witless riding these things. Funny you ride one today and you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Here's a nice family outing

This is a new Ducati, I am loath to like the bike because of that bloody exhaust, they had it sorted now they fucked it up.

What an engine.

Just lovely

Nice paint design work going on here. See it doesn't take much, just an idea and all of a sudden you have somehting that is yours and no one else will be seen riding one the same.

Made and raced in New Zealand

I think today we have forgotten about the classic black leather jacket, because they are so bloody nice

For sale apparently, don't see many of them on the market.
Hmmm jury is out until I see one in the flesh.

Drilling can become an art form as well.

Beautiful work.........................

I do like this Guzzi

All the black cows must have lived in fear in this time, all the coloured ones must have been very happy
Jsut take a minute to look at this image, this is why Ducati have that "thing" about them. Simple elegance, nothing wasted nothing extra just a bike to go fast on.

Nicely thought out exhaust

I laughed when I saw this, brilliant and a real Rossi fan.

Bazza......say no more
A family resemblance

teach your children well...............................

Never a truer word
These are beautiful

Look where the footpegs are!!!!!! Built for the Mericuns, so wrong.

V8's in motorcycles has always been an interesting thing, not too sure if I like them, but i bet they sound nice

Diavel meaness


I laughed and laughed, how good is this?

Right nice, a wee cup o tea and a scone and a watch of the cycle races

Perfect sign
Another before and after

It's the little details that count

So there you go, my special to celebrate the new face book page. Hope you enjoyed it, spread the word, tell your mates. I've also some other news coming up too, as you know I have been cursed with getting leukemia but I'm in remission now, so looking forward to some new rides and am planning a future again, it's been a while. It bought out some interesting things in people that's for sure, things that I have found extremely nasty and unpalatable, but enough of that,that is all behind me now and I am looking to some new adventures. My trip to Europe for the 2016 summer is done and dusted, and as you know I will be catching up with some of you then ( really looking forward to meeting my new motorcycle brothers and sisters). So I'm moving town, starting a fresh and looking forward to getting on with life. bring it on. And to all of you my message is, don't wait for tomorrow, don't be put off by your detractors, wash away the shit, build a new bike, change your bars,buy a new helmet and rough it up, get some fancy gloves and new boots, get that new exhaust, re-paint your bike, enjoy your true friends, and get on with riding. Now go on piss off and go for a ride.


  1. Hi Grant, really like your blog, I've seen it twice now and really enjoy the pics! I just read your footnote, I find it inspirational and will take what you wrote to heart. I've had some medical issues since last December, just getting back to normal about a year later. My bike has sat under cover on a charger forgotten, and I too am going to clean it and put it back in service, start getting out there and being social again, and get out of the dark place we fall into when all is going wrong. So I will piss off, get my head in order and return to normality, best of times to you going forward..... :)

  2. Enjoyed your blog immensely. If you are going to Europe check out our Tumblr blog, Xenjustride. Keep riding. Cheers.