Monday, 9 November 2015

Phew, busy,, busy, busy, What a week eh? Summer seems to be lingering out that back paddock and not quite ready to step through the gate. And for all my norther hemisphere readers, I'm guessing that winter is making itself felt somewhat. Never mind, it's our turn now, and I am very excited about the numerous rides that I have planned with my mates. So down here we are concentrating on rides, while up there you are sitting at home reading or looking at my blog among many others. Perhaps some of you are out in your garage's planning those winter builds or doing those services that are needed while off the road. What ever it is your doing, good on you, there's always a time, anytime of the year to work on your bikes, engines or builds. Here's hoping that you have seen something in here that has inspired you to get up off of the chair and go do it. Otherwise there will be nothing for me to put on the blog next year.

I got this message a few days ago and to me it sums up the great people, the fantastic people that are part of our world and join me here in the celebration of everything that is good. No haters, no ignorance, no negativity, just a real positive vibe.

Awesome! I can't wait till I get to my fav cafe with a perfect cup of coffee to then open your blog! It's it's all about creating those finer moments in life you know;-)

Carlo Guzzi

That to me is just perfect, my father 84 years old on his Guzzi.

 Didn't this guy have a season.

 I put these in here, not just because they are interesting, but the quality of the image is fantastic.

 Dropped bars are cool, but exhaust could be different, wait it is different, I like!!!!

 This is quality.....................plain and simple

 Sorry for all the Diavels, but every time I see one in a different color I go "Ohhhh look at that, I like that". Mines just Black and the designer in me needs to suppress the urge to go and change the color.

 Chokes off Chokes OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 I've been a fan of matt color schemes for a long long time, a painter that I know did a wonderful job of painting my XJR1300 Yamaha and when I got it home I scotch brighted the paint. I think he nearly fainted when he saw it, but he begrudgingly admitted later that it looked good.

 I recall as a youth riding through a paddock on my TS250 Savage ( great name), and as I was hooning along I found myself running on the ground. I stopped and looked around for my bike, I could hear it but couldn't see it, and then I found it swinging on its bars hanging down in a ditch. It took ages to get it out of there.

 Not really a fan of the older BM's but this line up caught my eye, very very nice

Some people get to play with this stuff as a matter of course, others just get to dream.

 They do look nice

 I know a lot of you will have seen this image over the years, but some of you may not have, I still laugh when I see it.

 Just jaw dropping

 Only in New Zealand

 I had one of these once, didn't own it for very long, it shook and rattled, and shimmied, and pissed oil and wobbled, it wasn't a very good one, perhaps that is why I only paid $1500 for it.

 New Two Strokes coming to a shop very near you. yeah!!!!!

 Now this is a nice bike. Not a Harley man ( you all know that), but this thing is soooo cooollll
 Scramblers, all different sorts. Is there anything else I could or should say?

 Out out on the streets, these are the people that you meet. You would understand that line only if you came from New Zealand

 This was the Guzzi, that rekindled my love for them, perfection.
Now I would have to say that looking at the shape of that swinging arm, and the cap  that this is a Ducati isn't it nice?

 Motomart can't get enough of them, a perfect bike for those that don't want to go too fast but want to go far. Get a test ride now, go see John or Todd and arrange a ride, you won't regret it. And if you want to modify it , well they will do it for you.

 My mate Hugh Anderson. World champion motorcycle racer and general good bastard.

 This is highly recommended for all motorcyclist as being good food

 A classic Japanese engine

Hands up if you or your mates did this.

 Photoshop surely, but a cool image all the same

If you hold them up close to your ear you can hear the sea.
Either Rodney or Robert rode this fine Supermono, it is just beautiful even after all these years.

 Vince doing the do at Hampton Downs, a good keen Guzzi guy.

 That's that fucked then

New Zealander Ivan Mauger, a real champion in the toughest of motorcycle sport in the day, By the amount of trophies he has, I'll lay a bet he never had to clean his goggles.

 OK, OK this is the prettiest Guzzi, I have ever seen. I've seen thousands of motorcycles and this one is with out the best of the Guzzi breed I have ever looked at. It is just right on every level, find this man and get him to build you a bike. Just stunning. I wish that i had the design foresight to be able to do this, but I bow to this man.

 Fishing Wairarapa style, this is how they pull their boats down this way, Love this image

You cant use those old Whitworths on the modern triumph, oh no these days you need Torx.

 Turbo my dirt bike please.

 Jackie Stewart Manaco?
 More porn for you to feast your eyes on. I think these would get dirty from you touching it, not the other way around

 Some friends of mine just did a tour of Cuba, what a place to visit right about now, very envious of them that's for sure.
 Pre carb warm, advance timing, alter air intake, chokes on, balance carbs, pre ignition on, fuel mixture, ignition, oil pressure check, flaps down, chokes away..................

 You'd notice wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?

 Arh Pay, I wrote it like that because some people spend their entire lives saying it wrong Ape is what they say but it" Arh Pay. But they will still say it the other way.

 A little nugget of a Triumph, it really does look like a British Bulldog
 Yah Titans rule

 Lots of beemers because my mate Pauly needs some inspiration for his. This one is a classic union of old and new and very well done it is too!!!

 Pity they stopped making them

 Just fucken mental

 The original

 I still stop and look at this view, classic for ever

 Don't text while your riding, look where you are going

 Still a menacing looking bike

 A roaring engine, Pahlease, hardly. It's so me Ahh woman. So funny pinpoint rack and pinion steering with a 24 foot turning circle with a collapsible steering column in case of accident.

 Every bit a classic as much so as the 916

 Well it IS nice, so why not

 The Alchemy engineers from West Australia Brooke Henry and his wonderful Ducati engines

This is Bullshit.

My thought for the week
We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid
Benjamin Franklin

Post Script

Another thing that has happened this week is that I have finally booked my tickets and my trip is all set and I am on my way. Meguello, Isle of Man, and the Dutch TT for 2016 are all part of my itinerary. I'm really looking forward to catching up with some of you while I am over there, I have a few invitations to various events and parties already lined up due to this blog, so am really looking forward to catching up with my internet friends. As some of you know I had to cancel my trip this year because I was not well and had to complete a fairly intensive course of chemotherapy which tends to stuff up your year. It also tends to make you re-focus on what and who are important to you. I've had an awful lot of clarity over that, anyhow enough, I'm looking forward to travelling again, and I am looking forward to catching up with you all. Bring on the partying with new friends and exciting new adventures.

Shameless request time, to all my Moto GP mates out there that still have some influence in the right circles, I would love to get hold of some Pit passes for the Meguello event. Had to ask.

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