Monday, 23 November 2015

Righty oh, here's this weeks installment. Shit the year is nearly gone, where did it go? The end of November, so many things have happened it seems like it was only yesterday that we were celebrating the new year. So many cool bikes and beautiful images have crossed my desk and traveled through to you all. So once again I invite you to pull up a chair, pour a little whiskey and relax while I share with you my philosophy and my observations on the two wheeled life that we all love.

You know I feel like I share a connection with you all, common experiences, and interests, it's like a great meeting of friends, and some of you do feel like old friends when I've only ever conversed with you over the net. I've learned a lot from you all, and have come to understand a little bit more the subtleties of what it takes to to become a motorcycle enthusiast, and a purveyor of all things two wheeled and mechanical. And here we are V2 guzzi.  

 I love race tracks at night they take on a different mood, and have a completely different feeling to them.It's a magical time and place.

 Oh yeah, my kind of country

 This is really the only allowable food group we can have
 The new Yamaha, it's not bad
 Rossi's stay upright camera, it's pretty trick

Now I don't often comment on the girls, god knows they are pretty enough in their own right, but YUM YUM

 The new Guzzi 'scrambler'.

 Goods team name

 A very nice engine room

 Jesus, that's a big engine
 Digging this colour

 WD40  stops squeaks and lubricates those tight places doesn't it?

 My riding buddies outside the best pub in the land, it's made for motorcycles just out the back of Matamata.

 That's a bit different

 Clever talented bastards

 My good friend Gary must be close by in this photo. I was there for that weekend.

 Pretty boots

 Lovely design. lovely work, this is to be admired

 The new Aprilia for next year. NICE

 had one of these, they were right nice, good solid motorcycle
 The jury is out until I see it for real but for now Yeah, nah, Nah.I mean why the fuck would you put the footpegs a full 380mm forward of where they are now. I know they are catering to the Murican market, but really?
 These guys have been building nice bikes for years and years and years

 They will never ever look old will they?

 If you haven't slept here, you haven't lived a proper life.

 Homer Simpson says Doh.

 This is the new Tesi, it's very very nice

 Ben Bostroms bike bristles bling

 Vince's axe. This is a beautiful motorcycle.

 Rossi's home coming certainly didn't dwell on what could have been, he was and is a hero.

 Just out and out quality, if your building for show, this is the level you need to be at.
 Nice project to have
 The lads at my fav watering hole

 I know that look...............

 Apparently Kawasaki are going to build something like this. I like their style

 And here is the brand new R1. What a weapon this is.

 paint guys paint
 I like this idea, so simple and will make a little stunner I'm sure.

My Guzzi, sold now
My Guzzi, sold now, but wait till you see my next project

It's Ok mate, your fans are with you.

Blokes in bars after a days dirty ride, this is what it's all about

Fanging on a beach. Nothing like it, then throw it sideways and slide for a mile.

I love these old Kawasakis, they were and are amazing

Quality will always win me over

This is the finest Guzzi I have ever seen. People should aspire to quality like this.

Lots of Mustangs here in New Zealand

Alex Phillis on Rod prices tasty MV Augusta

Some guy on a Guzzi.

Wouldn't this be nice to ride through?

Hmmmm..............the 851 didn't work out for a number of reasons, but there is one similar to this coming soon that would suit my brief eh Haydn?

The final message


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