Sunday, 3 November 2013

Ah the quiet solitude of the workshop, is there a better place?

This is where cafe racing started from, no if's no buts

Riding in the rain, well you all know how I feel about that, but in open top lids?

That's better

here you go Bruce

This is quite possibly ( i always start like that), hey this is a beautiful Ducati, the paint is out there, enlarge the image and have a close look.

Barry.................get up Barry

A kwaka stroker in a Gxxer?

Heres another nice CX

This is the exact image, I was buying an SP5 to go racing for the new year and then up popped this baby, this image held me in its glorious grip for months as i struggled to wait for its delivery. In the end I had the box delivered straight to my house and unpacked it there, with lots of red wine and cigars and pasta, it was very Italian.

Buffalo girls go round the outside, round the outside

A brave soul, and an even braver beartch!!!!!

I had to laugh at this....shit not even a fridge in sight were the Gay or something

GT550 Ram Air again, love this bike, looks like its going fast just sitting there.

OK, OK some Harleys are..................ok supose, 

Is it a Japper I wonder?

A lovely pantah

OH yes what a road

Chicks on Guzzi's please find me one.

Actually chicks on bikes, please find me one please. Just Joking

No I'm not No I'm not

Stupid old Bert Munro, I don't care that he is written up in NZ folklore, he was none to bright being a cantankerous stubborn mule of a man, who could have done a lot more than what he did, if he had listened to people, Who among you remember in the movie ( and a true account)m being given new spark plugs and him stuffing them in his trousers to "use later", for fuck sake man you were on the Flats getting ready to do a run and you had farked plugs. Dumb ass.

Noice, a bit o style n Kulcha

XS's a nice

What a nice way for an RD to end up, I like this

Not  Ducati as i thought whjn I first saw this

I like these

Probably the nicest CX I've ever seen, and yes i would own this one.

Oh yeah, do they hang off so much cos their arses are sore!!!!!!

The late great Mr Senna polishing ah his ah dew carh teeh

Nice Nice Nice

And a lovely XS650

Foose, who else

Bruce, just some ideas for you,. this time around build a beautiful bike, not a military bike, make it shiny and glossy, build a show bike.

RD's anyone

It's funny you put this color scheme on any Yamaha and it becomes instantly recognisable

OK, OK another cool harley I might give in.

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