Monday, 11 November 2013

Just got home, from an excellent few days riding, met some new people and friends to ride with, all very interesting. But I have to get this weeks blog done before I concentrate ( and Mike Breen concentrates on) the images from that ride. So here's this weeks lot. Don't care if you like them ( I have to say on my design blog hope you enjoy them, but I don't have to say that here), because this isn't about work it about motorcycles, nice cars and shit that I like.

Nice helmet if your gay........a bogner? Is that a new word for gay?

This Sachs made the news for a while and then all but disappeared, always wondered what ever happened to it, because it was damned attractive

I do really love these

Mert the man

Mule Motorcycles does good stuff with old yamahas

here's that Sach again


These guys are amazing

Weld and pipe porn

XJR1300 a nice interpretation of what can be done for very little

My mate Richard wants one of these, no seriously he really does

Who Da man, you Da Man

This is actually a painting of Eddie at Suzuka

Richard might like one of these, sorry, this is by that other guy than helped ruin motorcycles for a lot of people. The Tutels have a lot to answer for.

This is just pure sex on wheels

As is this


And this for that matter, I always liked these bikes and saw a genuine one for sale in nelson a few weeks ago for $4500


Yamaha pipe porn

This is a candidate for a round the South island ride

This is pretty bloody cool

Kenny, and Peter Clifford?

The Eddie and Freddie show

Always had a bit of a biggie for these too!!!!

Who remembers these ?

Lovely, did men know how to bend alloy or what?

BMW madness

Love the matt black

And Finally an SB# Bimota Endurance racer, very very nice.
Well thats all for this week, I'm tired knackered and generally still coming down from a great weeks riding, but more on that in a few days time, till then remember that speed does not kill, it's failing to corner or stop that does, so ride fast.

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