Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Found some old ads that might interest people

Check out Colin Edwards, how young was he here?

This is the new customer Yamaha for next year, looks quite good

Ben Bostrums new cafe racer based on a Z1000

BB's bike again

How low do you want to go

Only the bloody Italians eh? What a laugh, using the car as their dining table, and check out the size of the Chianti bottle!!!

More old ads.

Bugatti beauty

Picasso, what was he thinking here

Great image

There's always one isn't there

XJR Lovelyness


Bibendum, only the french could build somehting like this, I'd love one


Nerds at 5 paces

Some of the most beuatiful literature has come from these machines, what a collection

A stunning tidy little Ducati

Now this is a lovely Moto Guzzi what right thinking person would not want this in their garage

True True

A V8 Z1800?

Check out those headlights

I did like this one too, very clean and quite easy to build, yours for less than $9K

Now I found these photos and this guy has one of the most serious motorcycle collections I have ever seen, check it out

Serious amounts of really neat scramblers both old and new

Then rooms of 'modern' motorcycles

And I mean a lot of motorcycles

Some pretty cool race bikes in there from all the eras

And some exotic one as well

Right down to these little beauties


SR500 this would be fun to ride

Moto Guzzi, how nice is this bike

I loved this image when I first saw it as a young Fullah, and then it pops up on me now.

In the good ole days

These were amazing to watch at the 6 hour, quite a beast really

A Honda V8, amazing engineering

Oh yes, she could polish my head any day

Lovely paint

More of the Honda V8, check out the detail

I know who owns these

RD'ness again.

Starting to like these again, and yes I have owned one of these.

Queenstown ( image by Mike Breen)

One hump or as many as you can get

Have you ever been like this

From any angel you just know it's a green frame

A very young Kenny Roberts, bet he wasn't smiling like that after he rode it.

here are some more B Bostrums cafe racer, it's a beauty

I do like a good Gulf color scheeme

detail, it's all in the detail

How neat is this

Squeeze that in there

Now this young lad is none other than JFK, never thought of him as a young guy, so there you go,

GSXR chook chaser

M1's on the line

Who's garage hasn't had one of these

Now you know that I'm a firm believer in this new movement of rat bikes, cafe racers, run what you brung sort of thing, but every once in while you get a piece of shit, and this ladies and gentlemen is a piece of shit. Why the fuck would you bother, there are just no answers to that question

I had a little Ducati bike with this engine in it once

Phnaaarrr Phnaaarrr

I know what I'd rather have in the bed

Or in the garage for that matter

Nice art

A fully deconstructed Mick Doohan mike at the Honda Museum I believe, how cool is that.
Well that's that boys and girls done for a few more days

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