Thursday, 14 November 2013

A great week away with some new friends and some older faces from the past.
Had a blast riding with this group, all very fast and all very capable. A big mix of bikes too! Cruisers through to Italian sports bikes, adventure bikes and street rods as well, and everyone kept it together for the entire ride. It's a pity that these rides don't come around as often as they should. Great fun.
I've tried to put these in order and a big thanks to Mike Breen for taking the time to get his images done. I know that some of you have seen them on the drop box site, but this little collection here has a few images taken from other cameras, so all good. 

You know it never changes does it, the inter islander deckhands were just as helpful as they were 20 odd years ago.

First night in Blenheim

These guys certainly do eat better then me when I am riding around this country

Murchison for the first of many coffee and scones stops on the way. 

The Buller................what a day what a ride look at that weather, it doesn't happen like that very often

Dallas on his Morini

Scotty on the Rocket, what a monster

Craig cruising, in fact the whole time away he always looked like he was cruising, but I know he wasn't.

Clothes changing time between Murchison and the coast, it just got so hot

You could not have got a better day, no I mean it, this day was about as perfect as you could get a day on the 'Coast'.

Radars 'Chickens'. Punakaiki

These guys all got to Phil's house except me!!!! I was back in town trying to find him.
This is a great photo, perhaps the best of the weekend, well done Mike, just wish I was in it.

Franz Joseph Glacier for the first night

Richard turned up on a Honda, so we had a sports bike among us. Dallas's Moto Morini sounded beautiful

Mike checking in

A great night out

And even better when Phil arrived, top effort 150K each way to have a beer with us.

Me and Goody

Getting ready to leave Franz Joseph waiting for the sun to do her bit...

Photo opp at Franz Joseph, Dallas missed this one, he went straight by

Honda's eh? can't walk by them without something falling off.

Road out of Franz Joseph, what a road

Bikes on every bend nearly


That's better

Radar was amazing on this thing. By the end that rear was absolutely shagged

Top of Cadrona, what a road, had a good blast up to this point. Queenstown in the back

Cadrona pub for lunch

It was so hot even radar said "it's a beet hot".

The view from our digs in Queenstown

The new Highlands race track in Cromwell, great facility, shit for watching racing, they've kind of missed it a bit I think

A meeting of the minds, the history in this room was amazing, 

Bath time

This place was amazing, had my first massage ever here, it's in the Lewis pass and I recommend it for a nights stay.

last photo opp before we headed north back to Picton

Don't know how Scotty got this thing around the way he did

Brinky for someone who hadn't ridden in years got along really well, this BMW sounded bloody beautiful with a full Remus exhaust on it

Aaron and Craig punting along well

Mr Smooth

Radar giving it death ( because he had to to keep up)

This is the other shot that is candidate for 'best photo'. Great Image Mike well done, this is my new screen saver.

Sitting in Picton waiting for the ferry

Now these tires were amazing, I mean 2000 odd K and they look like they've just been put on, still sharp on the edges and still with some 'furry' bits on them. I'm impressed.

But not as impressed as taking the furry bits off of the exhaust and the boards.

Arrie got home OK and just parked it.

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