Friday, 15 November 2013

here's this weeks blog, it's extra big ( so what) because I've been away and on my return i have found a few more thousand images that are worthy of people looking at. I am sure that a lot of you have seen these images on other sites, but this blog here will hopefully bring you stuff that you haven't seen. Every bike you see here is a different interpretation of what motorcycling means to people, some bikes you may look at and say they are ugly, some you may look at and go "fuck I want to build to that". Well if that's the case all good. Some bikes you may just see one small detail and think I could incorporate that into my build. I like that. So here's this weeks lot for you to enjoy ( or not).

I love the way all these 'hardened' retro rocketeers always try and look so tuff, it's a great image, and dare i say it, saving motorcycling at the moment. i love the movement and how it's getting people back on bikes. We just have to hope that when the factories realise this movement, that they don't try and sanatize it down by building perfectly capable motorcycles that really miss the point of what this is all about.

Guzzi's are probably the best for this movement ( my thinking anyway haha)

XJR's are pretty good too. After my love of Italian motorcycles it's XJR's and ZRX's that push my button the most.

Over there, no over there, it's a triumph, no really it is if you look

A new Kawasaki made to look oldish. great Job, very clean motorcycle

I wonder "why is it that old triumph racers always have to wear total black".

See what i mean "quick look tuff". Hunch down to make it look like your going fast haha

XJR Love, this is a beautiful bike

Which one would you lie?

Hmm many Indians coming

This is James Hunt, not too sure about whether this is doctored or not 

Pipe Porn, how nice is this?

Diavell by Ducati, this would make a great touring bike for new Zealand, two up no issues, comfortable no problems, Horse power oh yes in the buckets

Wrap me please

Love the way the engineers have wrapped these pipes in so tight, no wasted room

probably the nicest custom Guzzi in the world

When these came out everyone, and I mean everyone wanted one, still a modern bike even by todays standards

This is a great shot, it captures to me what riding is all about

Lovely space..............................

See how motorcycles can improve your life

Bwaaaahhaaaaahhaaaa.this cracks me up Director "Pull a bad ass biker face"

Nicky Hayden on your wall makes your life feel that much more complete

That moment.........

F1 another love of mine

A very cool Ducati, this ones been on a few web sites, but every time I see a new image of it, it makes me stop. It's a standard bike, but that paint maketh the bike me thinks.

I've got one of these

And had one, no sorry two of these

There you go, the best image yet I've seen of the IOM.

Loved this shot when I found it years ago, loved it then and still now, classic, I'd like to think he's doing a runner for not wearing his helmet 

Ouch, number 79 must be thinking WTF? Actually so must the guy in flames!!!!

It's a bike doing a wheelstand

Troy Corser at a BMW day, give us that old jigger lets see what it can do.

I had this as my screen saver for quite a while

rat Rods, they're pretty cool to

Just after 'that' moment " I challenge you to a duel"

This is a great saying

Hmmmm..... only in Asia

Noice........real Noice

I totally encourage people to think outside the square

XJR's look bloody brilliant

OK I'm in the dessert I can slide around for a while or I can try and wheelstand all the way to the edge

How many times have we done this

Stunning grand pappy of cafe racing

An original triple with Craig Vetter design work, instant classic. I remember seeing these brand new behind the glass in shop windows

These guys and girls all had CB175s in their garages

It's a harley apparently

Clean work

Yeehaaa this is what it's all about

I remember someone saying once ' if your wheel standing and wheel spinning there aint no more'.

Oh yes, an adventure would be good.

South island Roads perhaps?

Roland sand design, apparently it;s going into production, I hope that they dont sanatize it from this point

helmet art is great

Very clean motorcycle

The Laverda V6

Close mate close

Just a good image


Call me a bit ill, but I'm starting to get a bit of a woody over these things

I know some people who know what this is all about

I had a number of these too!!!!!!

One of Charlies Angels I do believe

here's the Yamaha again

OK, that's all for now, I have to go for a ride, see you all next week, til then keep working on those ideas, arranging rides, and generally causing trouble on the roads, and if you cant run, then hide, scratched paint is always better than a ticket.

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