Friday, 1 November 2013

Go on Mike, i actually know where one of these is sitting under some old boxes and has done for years


Apparently they haven't been able to dyno it, it keeps breaking Dynos

OK, lifting a 1200 GS off of the ground is pretty impressive

This is out there

A working V8

Tripping, just going out for a paper, be back in a while dear. Yeah Right

Whale tails Mmmmmm

A very cool XS650

Only the Germans eh, what on earth were they thinking, apparently nothing

Not the most comfortable by the looks, form over function eh, fucken designers

SR500's again

We do it.....
Then Roland sands does it with the help of PFM

RSD design going into production,,,,,yes

Drool, lots of helmets that are cool

beautiful paint


I love Whale tail porsches

This is a working engine, actually hold on it's a harley engine, should I say was a working engine haha

Go on Bruce you know you want one.

I've actually touched this engine, I know sad but true, but I have, then I got taken down to the Ducati race shop and got let in to see all the works Ducatis siting there being worked on. We were apparently the first visitors ever allowed into the race section. When we walked in there were approx 30 engines sitting on benches, Franco Farne watched us with great suspicion and when we left every engine was covered up with a cute little Ducati Blanket. All Foggies bikes were in there being freshened up as well as Corsers. Was very very lucky to be allowed into the area.

I'm going to do this

The secret Showa test facility.............Bwaaahhaaaaahaaaaa

This is quite possibly the ugliest bike in the world

But then it's also one of the coolest

Looks like a Vincent, smells like a Vincent but no it's a Yamaha

Another nice CB

Ha..that moment when you drop your new I phone and subliminally it tells you what you are, you double dick!!!

Where cafe racers came from

CB750 looking bloody nice 

This is what happens when you get pissed and aggressive on a plane 

Indian Larry possibly in the top 10 for being a cool person, pity he didn't like helmets

Bloody Harley Riders

Mahat MaCoat tries out his new majandels and ends up shouting maballs maballs 

Hmmm dont know about that, perhaps that was how many jappas he beat getting his bike into the garage

Lovely bikes

Really? Wonder what sort of tattoos he has, 

Uncle Heinrich Zeitgeist just before his discharge from the German Army in 1917. In shock, the British did not fire on him when he stormed the trenches dressed like this. Uncle Heinie received the Iron Cross from the Kaiser for his bravery. (Ok, that is what the family says, I say this knucklehead is Corporal Klinger's soulmate)

This Guzzi is actually quite nice, even if it does look like a Ducati 860 GTS

My nephew Ryan in his Mopar, this is a most excellent image, it strangely captures an era gone, fish and chips on the front bench seat, beach, arm out the window, fucken beautiful

Love this Mopar

This ladies and gentlemen is my son Max, he's alseep because he's been up for 20 hours making movies, love this picture of him.

These images are of Ducatis new "Super leggera", 370lbs, over 200Hp over 330Kph made up of bits of metal from krypton and ultra ultra tasty, in the range of Ducatis it's above the all but the 'works' Ducatis. This is tasty, the best Italian sauce

Richard Scotts Honda, I recall watching this beast at Wanganui, it seemed so fast, only to be blitzed a couple of years later by standard production bikes. Time marches on I guess, but at the time, I had a saw jaw and every time i tried to eat my racedog, it just fell out, jaw dropping


Gary Goodfellow

Richard Scott on an NSR

Is this Aaron Slight at Pukekohe?

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