Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ok, this week is a bit bigger then normal ( who cares eh), but I'm away next week and this one is to make up for it. Enjoy.

Doing a course to learn how to do this

learning , learning 

My mate Rod, high up in the hills having a great day by the looks of it.

very nice paint, although the stripe is a bit wobbly, which is what I would throw if someone did this to me

Sushi baby

These are pretty cool little animies

A great Selfie........

Yeeeehhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa, do you approve Mr. Brink?

What a great shot

Martini is another fav color scheme of mine, love it

Now...this is an amazing tattoo

Love the color, love the bike, and really like that seat unit

My other favourite color scheme is Martini, very cool

2300 HP....................yoikks!!!! Shit how long would it take you to get the milk and paper on a Saturday morning eh? 3.8 seconds apparently

Nice truck

I'd love to have a shop like this, except no Harley or unnecessary Honda's

I like this mans taste in fine cars

Sustained lack of traction how do you plead, Now I've heard that before, while looking down at my Doc Martins and noticing that there was a scuff on the 5th eyelet from the bottom on my left boot, life's funny like that, what's really important, I mean what's really important

The coolest man ever, ever in a very none gay way you have to understand, I mean I'm nowt gay or out

Nice little camera, wouldn't mind one of them

Spot the similarities 

It's the shape of the century don't you think?

The "Blue" bike

Cool, no I mean really cool....brrrrrr

KTM, will they make this?450cc Paris to Dakar, solid front end, very very trick

Citroen make a nice jigger don't they

Put some shoes on man, you'll get hurt hahahahaha

mental as anything

Icons Triumph, go You Tube this and watch an amazing video

I do like these things

the Paton, quite a nice bike for it's day

You'd like to think that it curves out beautifully at the bottom

Like this one

Now this thing has always impressed me, this is the most horsepower man has ever harnessed ever

racing for beers Invercargill style

These are without doubt some of the nicest motorcycles I think I have ever seen.

LaCoste tried to make a motorcycle but couldn't quite understand where they went wrong

he must get there before he's left 

I can just imagine the noise these three are making, angry little two strokes tapped out, like a hive of wasps

Joke right!!!!!!!!

Rickman coolness again, they keep popping up

Ruby helmets in France, go on line design your own colour scheme, $1,300 later it turns up on your door, and the paint is simply stunning, you can spend hours in the site cooking up color schemes for your helmet

team Mercedes back int zee gut old days yah

Wonder if it goes round corners, or would you just miss them all as you sailed by

Noice Dr.Big, I also like the malborough color schemes as well

Joel Roberts, one of the fastest motocrossers ever, ever

Stick your veggies You know who I am?

happiness is like a room without a roof 

Now that's all, get out and ride before winter kicks in.

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