Sunday, 2 March 2014


Angolan beach stop, I think they're tired

Love the paint.....spray and then wrap in Glad wrap and then remove

This shot and the next 11 are exactly what I'm building at the moment. meet my Moto Guzzi Daytona.
These are actually the same bike, but in different forms during the course of the build. I cant wait to get this baby up and running. But of course I will put my own 'twist' on this,

Watched this guy race in Wellington one year he was awesome. Everyone was leaping 20 foot into the air he was 30.

Magni, unknown to many, but they build a beautiful bike.

Mr Senna cleaning his motorcycle

I know a bloke who has one of these

This is why Italians are reknown around the world for their style and design, how do you make a 50cc engine look so fucken nice

This is a clue to whats coming. BDM, you heard it here first

These tings were amazing, I just noticed the krink in the tank, pity lovely motorcycles

Sustained loss of traction, nah sustained loss of normality

No secret that I and a couple of y mates Tim and Mike love em


What a tank what a piece of work, the chrome and the blue are almost perfect, bit like Bluffies and Verve

Steve Wynn a fricken ledgend, I meet this dude in Wellington one year, he is downright famous, and a couple of chaps that I rode with last year were very involved with him.This dude was the moving force behind Mike Hailwood winning at the IOM TT on the bike you see above after being in retirement after 11 years. he was also involved with Robert Holden as well so Epic respect sir.

This is adventure riding

Mmmm love this

And you know I love a gulf color scheme

this is cool



This is how to get out of a motorcycle dealers shop without having to buy a bike.

If old stars had tatoos

he's the only one where you could believe he had these tattoos


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  2. Thanks for using my bike as inspiration ;) now im curious how your Daytona will work out!
    Rgds The builder of the bike in the 11 pics you posted.