Thursday, 6 March 2014

Now it's come to my attention that some of my followers like particular posts more so than other ' too many Ducatis and Guzzis'. That's fair enough, but when I sit down and go riding for images, it's like mining, I come across a vein of images that I think are really worthy of see, some just for the pure artistry of the shot, some for the old racing images that some may actually remember and were there, some are obviously just beautiful bikes, so bear with me, it all changes the next week. The one thing that is consistent is the quality of the images and the theme of motorcycling, big engines, and nice looking women. So this week has a well defined 2 stroke theme to it because that's what I found, and many of us remember the smell of Castrol R as we chased some small 2 stroke down the back straight of any track here in new Zealand. Love it.
So enjoy, next week it might be Norton, it might be Bobbers, it might be MOPAR, who knows but it will always be interesting.

How to pack for a weekend away on the bike, love it

Great paint

Old fashioned tool box, we did things well in the old days eh?

Lovely Norton

An old snap on tool kit, and every single spanner in there is still under warranty today. Quality is what it is

A Belgium Norton dealer died and when they opened up that back of his shop this is what they found, 14/ i think brand new Norton Interstates all sitting ready to run. from memory they were 1974 models. Amazing

KR500 I think but check out those pipes!!!!

I do love a well organised workshop

Titanium welds are the best

Check out how clean this, Surgeons would be barred from here

How many hours to weld this, a little welding elf must have slaved for weeks to do this. Every weld gets polished on the inside before the next piece gets welded to it, so inside they are quite smooth

Cagivas were always the nicest looking strokers

5 times champion gives you 5 bikes worth shit I don't know, put your little finger in your mouth and just say millions....and millions

Is this Spa?

I loved the look of this team, only the Italians

Ah, the smell of this stuff fills the memory banks of many, and can even bring a tear to an old racers eye

Love these older yamahas

Mr Romboni I think, trying real real hard

Honda engineering has always been the best

But the Yamaha's always had a certain aesthetic to them

An old panel beaters dream. Dollies for every shape, form, and bend

Now I'd love to go away on holiday in this

Good color scheme

Se proof that she was an alien here she is in 1963 with a Samsung tablet in her hand

This is out there

I understand this, as do most of my mates

For Gordy, if he watches this

Bridget, no one sexier ever,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ever OK

Bridget again, mmm yes please

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