Wednesday, 19 March 2014

OK then, here we are again, can't ride my Guzzi's, BMW's not even here, can't do anything so may as well put this next blog together for you all to enjoy. Still buzzing from that Polished Rockers show last weekend and have come away with quite a few good ideas for the Guzzi. There may be some double ups in this weeks blog, but so what they're all stunning images. So will keep you posted on that score over the next few months as I change the bike into what I think is a perfect cafe racer. Bit of a mixed bag this week so enjoy.
My blogs are out of whack a bit this one should have gone out last week and last weeks one should have gone out today, never mind, it's still full of really cool bikes and other shit.

Am loving the colors they are getting with modern tattoos

Mr Hailwoods'bucket

After WW2 they sold them of in the thousands, the auctions were from 10-2 and you could only enter if you were going to buy

We used to have something like this in our harbour didn't we?

Honestly? Do a runner on a Harley?


Nice selfie.

Apache's by the handful

Classic Doc martins

Modern design is pretty cool

Hmmm not to sure

Indians tribute to Burt Munroe

Not to sure that this R1 should be here in the desert

Nice arse

Phnarr Phnarr what a load of crap eh? Death machines

pretty cool

What a little cracker eh?

left, left, left right left, would love to be able to see the road like this as I was riding and then I could go even fasterer.

Noice work shop

They shot horses don't they?


Always wondered how these sharks ate, now i know, and so do you.

MV engine ready for re-build sitting beside a Guzzi, must be the Magni factory

Polished Rocker Roundcase


Polished Rockers

Loved these things

I voted this the best of show but it didn't win

Looks brand new, but parked in a garage somewhere in Wellington, amazing that stuff like this has survived in such great condition.

Polished Rockers was very very busy

See I do white and gold with brown leather, everyone starts following, what a Style icon I must be.

Have a couple of mates that have Nortons I like em.

Lovely long legs

Kiera can have me anytime

This Guzzi is just like mine will be

The daddy of all superbikes

Love these big brute Kawasakis

A Mattisse just beautiful, these things just ooze class

Lovely Beemer

Big fat Guzzi's oh yeah

An old flathead in great condition

Jaguar prototype, only one in the world and made by two fanatical Australians after the two that were built crashed and burned.

that's all folks. See you next week.Or sooner who knows.

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