Saturday, 15 March 2014

Nice little side car unit.................not, sorry don't like this at all, a perfectly good waste of a sports bike, I'd be like "on the back bearch, or stay in the kitchen".

Lovely Nortons

Ago a going for it

Audi concepts, pretty cool

Liked this Tattoo pretty cool style

Nice looking XJR, am loving the color scheme

ferrari daytona in some obscure Millie meglia trattoria, el spaghetonobognese race in the 60's.

Nice pipes

Now, lots of discussions over rat cafe bikes, versus nice cafe bikes, and I'm not afraid to say give me the neat tidy well executed one any day

Cos otherwise this is what happens when your wooden steering damper "that looked cool", snapped

eeiiikk Audi going for it

A very nice CBZ by the look of the engine, nice bike

Boats should really be tipped on their edge to do it for me, but this ones pretty cool

Capri thinking that it's a boat 

Nice boat building

Cool clor, my mate just painted his bike in a similar color, it's kinda like the Gulf oil color but a little different, but flat is cool too.

Now this is probably the nicest Vincent engine I have ever seen, just stunning, it amazes me that people can think so differently outside the box and build such beautiful things

GS1200, very nice

OK lets but a little blower on thsi eh?

Monaco in the 30's

Nice Dick mate

Riders of Rocket threes can get it up

2000HP, that might be enough

A modernised RZ 500, and looking pretty good too

Honda, trying to look like a Ducati, MV Aususta, Benelli

Lots of little Italian ladies in a row

Should have stayed in the kitchen, togs or undies?

This was pretty interesting, it had two massive turbos on it made fuck all horsepower and went slow as a damp towel, tuned to a standstill I'd say.

here's another Honda with that color on it

Dirty Harry owned a Norton, I'll bet he always used to say to it, how lucky do you feel punk

A nice little Norton

And again, I think my mate Trev has started a trend

Even when in England Dirty Harry rode one.

Lovely unit, how nice is this restoration 

No time to tack a drag

See neat is neat

Now I do like this........................

Boots are good

This guy was wearing boots, but it looks like he kicked them off a little too hard, along with his car

Roland sands having fun


Martini is nice

Nice little ring

Always liked this, it has 'stance'.

he may have been a whinger, but casy could ride like fourty bastards and there is no taking that away from him, funny he is missed in MotoGP

Wood is good

This lady won the supersport race at Daytona in 2012, respect

This IS cool

64 degress is the max lean angle in MotoGP, this is what it looks like

Guy martin, these are the side burns that Guy grew haha

Across the lines at Wanganui

Guy giving the lines a 'GO'.

here's that blue again

Up through the 'S's"

Love the painted sngine

A brand new BMW R90S can still be bought new, if you do it in parts

This little piggie went wheelie wheelie wheelie all the way home


A japanese Bimota shop, these guys know how to respect then to destroy the most amazing motorcycles

early 80's porn ( to me anyway)

design meets reality, cool eh

Your man Joey

Love these too

Mmmmm I wonder how many people will lust after this and the next photo

Moto Guzzi turned 90 this weekend too

1 big fucken Exhaust

Nice shop

You have been warned
"Any excuse for going so fast?"
Piss off.

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