Monday, 24 March 2014

Welcome to another V2 Blog, full of nice stuff to look at, hope to give you some ideas for your own bikes, or to just enjoy, some of the stuff that is important to us motorcycle riders and purveyors of fine things.

The crew of On Any Sunday, if you haven't seen the movie (where the fuck have you been), go buy it and watch it, it is amazing, it moved a generation of young impressionable dirt bike riders and potential road racers. The scenes of the Ffat track racing are raw and brutal and it possibly was the first ever movie that gave the 'everyday' person the true picture of exactly what it was like to ride/race a motorcycle. O for awesome.

Either squeezing one out or squeezing one in  you decide

back int t'bloody days where men pushed bikes, drank beer after the race and womanized everything that was worthy of being womanized. Roberts, Spencer,Mamola, Lawson about to do battle with the Euros.

Croz, he always looked a bit scruffy I thought

Bimota's first Honda powered bike the HB1

tasty Beemeer

Always liked these too, something about the shape of it and that tilted over 5 valve engine, was always nice

Going for it that's for sure.....

Cros's leathers looked a bit tidier here, but what did it matter when your doing 180 on the back wheel and over taking people, it's a SLAP in the face, plus he has his visor UP.


pretty little hand piece

Love the spannies on this, a very nice modern conversion of a wicked and wild bike.

The first nearly factory super bike that you could buy, Suzuki had the first in the GSXR as a production bike, but this one slack jawed hundreds of people at the first release "were Honda serious about making that for us" was the question. The answer Oh yes indeed god bless those little Japanese engineers. I remember my first ride on one, it was an epiphany that's for sure. Should have bought one but at 15K they were too expensive haha

Mr Phillis, having some 'time out' on a katana

This thing was built in 1917 to race, pretty cool huh?

What a pity a 356 sitting in the grass

haha, those of you who have raced, how many times have you seen this on the start line, playing games with one another, the entire rest of the race that person is thinking "what the fuck was he pointing at, is there something wrong with my bike". haha

Miles Davis with his Lamborghini 

Another Porsche sitting in the grass

Yeehhaaaaa, one way to keep your feet dry

Love image of a nice Triumph

I think,as a pilot he got to near the edge of the air

Vale and his dad, who would have thought that that little bugger would take the motorcycle world by storm and win 9 championships ( so far).

IOM Honda men


Lovely Guzzi

Rickman Matisse again, so nice

Steve baker and Johnnie Cecotto two hard men of AMA racing that's for sure.

tasty monster

Love the way they've turned the engine around

The mosh pit in those days was a dangerous place, they keep themselves apart from us mere mortals these days now days in the rarefied air of corporate tents and large trailers only to be glimpsed from a far

Smooth little dude waiting to feel the wind in his vagina

Yoshimura sex, Horry cow rets make our own caballetters shall we.



Life is racing everything before or after is just waiting doth quote Mr Steve McQueen, how true how true

That's one way to get out of the car I suppose, check out the seat he was using!!!!

beautiful craftsmanship

Spanish riders getting the EL Bow down

here's that car racing, the first image is from now and is totally restored, this was then, love the windows

had one of these as a young 'runner' from the police, just as well I knew where all the alleyways were cos it wasn't that fast haha

She's enjoying it by the looks of theings, normally they'd be hitting you in the ribs........gentlemen get rid of your dual seats

LOVE the paint

I don't know what these guys are building, I couldn't work it out, it's a helicopter, but then you see the engine cowling in the background and it looks like something out of Avatar, then you notice the rear leg and it looks like a dragon fly. It has to be a movie set, but then life does have a habit of replication art. Mr Spock and Capt James T kirk gave us the motorola flip phone

A very tasty TT600

Oh Sharon at 55 your looking bloody beautiful

So there it is, it's a road, go and get your motorcycle suit up pull a helmet on and bugger off for a while, or at least till next week when the next blog comes out anyways. haha safe riding

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