Wednesday, 16 April 2014

He always did have a funny style, but 5 world championships has to say something

I posted this a few weeks back, the eurospce van has an F1 engine in it, the image below shows the engine in the van. It must be fricken loud in there, at least you wouldn't be able to hear the wife moaning or the kids fighting, mind you they'd probably all be holding on for grim death I would expect.

R6 Yamaha

A stunning wee Ducati, simple, elegant, plain and purposeful.

AJS7R racer representing an important part of the DNA of cafe racers

Knee down, elbow down thumb up

Great Shot

Absolutely stunning workmanship

Porsche, can do any color as ugly as, and yet the cars shape still shines through and they always look great

Seals........popcorn for sharks

beautiful workmanship, how could you do it any better

driven and loved, these are fantastic cars

This is the epitome of cafe racers, end story. Check out the Fontana drum brake absolutely perfect engineering

The very first Porsche I drove was this car, same model, color same interior. It was a horrible color but it was still well fast for the day.

Starting to like the Bulldog look of these K100's. I reckon you could build one of these including the bike for under $7,000 .Easy

Shit I remember days/nights like these

This is part of one crew I ride with.

Now this has to be the nicest shot I've ever seen of a Porsche 

Fontana brakes.......what craftsmanship

This is the 'other' crew I ride with, next ride Northland coming up soon.

I do like the ZRX, that little seat and swing arm  is very cool

Mr Rutter banging it in close

Vincent craftsmanship, check the perfect pinstripe.


An 1198 street racer, don't like that seat

Not too sure about these, they're pretty big in America, but no where else

Jake Zemeke getting out of shape

Ernie, and Norman doing the same 60 years earlier

Nice little triumph conversion here, I've seen about 4-5 exactly like this, so someone must be producing them.

Here he comes the other way, and a definite riding style change to suit the bikes, rear wheel out and front end folded in going into the corner, and rear wheel way out and opposite lock coming out. Beautiful to watch. 

It's all about great design

Nice Honda ( did I just say that haha)

Eaton Boys

Now this actually was a production car but so few got made that not a lot was known about it, it was a Corvette Cougar?

Moto martin, they used to rule the street back in the day along with Spondon, but you don't see many of them these days.

Sometimes when you do a runner, you have this desire to get away as quickly as you slowly can. Cos if your gonna get busted, you want to get busted for the least amount of wrong doings, not have a book thrown at you. I've always been amazed at the thought processes of doing a runner, how much adrenalin kicks in, and how it makes you ride so differently. Wish you could translate that to the track.

Sometimes they just built ugly bikes, this color scheme is bilious 

Lovely metal

Black and White endurance images lovely and raw

Love the way this guy has painted the Chevrolet around the extension for the back tyre.

Now the Avon Super Venom was the only tyre of choice in its day

A modern slant on the V7 Guzzi old style

had a couple of these, they're nice 

Lovely image of the Vincent engine

This is the TA from Bimota, but sadly he passed away last week at age 70. Mr. Tamborini, designer of arguably  the most beautiful bike ever made the 916 Ducati, and responsible for the modern day MV Augusta as well. He was a fantastic designer who understood what riders wanted from their machines. he will be missed

Gives you an idea of how wide these nuclear subs can get

Now that's a Zorst and a half

har har he looks committed so he must have planned this, not like me a year or so back on my BMW and indeed on my KTM too. I've done this three times now and I only didn't make it once. Ouch can you open my Ginger beer, bastard bastard bastard. Love the barbed wire at the top too. This is quite possibly here in NZ judging the wire, the side of the road he's on, and the double yellows

loved this image, very funny

Well that's all, like these guys I've been burning the midnight oil ( do you see the irony from the image above) to bring to you these fantastic images, hope you all enjoy them. Share with your friend by all means. This morning I got an email from a guy in the Arctic circle up in Norway somewhere saying how much he enjoys the site, so you never know do you, spread the word, share on facebook, and lets get the word out there about what we do.

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