Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The easter edition, and many apologies for the last post showing some of the followers names, I have a new computer and Outlook is not behaving as it should. But no mind your all here for one thing motorcycles, so enjoy.

These old jackets are actually staring to fetch some money nowadays. people want to buy an instant image I guess, go figure eh!

beautiful pin striping on an SP-!

A bit of a brute

Fuck me, this engine has just been destroyed, absolutely ripped to pieces, that's a shit of a way to do a plug chop that's for sure

WW2 couriers

I remember doing this on a trail ride once, across a paddock, check the gate in the corner, biff it sideways, whoa way to much, in trouble, phew through the gate then took out about 10 bikes sitting on the other side, I think they wanted to beat me. My mate broke his leg big time that day, Can I have your boots? haha

Love being in these places, he's obviously got a ways to go , or has come a ways, judging from the spare petrol he needs

Love this guy, he's wearing a jumper and a bloody tie.

Cross roads in the country, guess he didn't check the stop sign eh?

Ellie may and gran ma on a triumph, wonder if they parked it in the cement pond out back.

There's just those times when someone says "you should have been there". I was, I fucken was!!!!

Who remembers Samantha Fox, she was the English page 3 girl of the 80's.

Hahaha great shot

Dig this boat, or is it a ship, fucked if I know.

Two girls out for a ride.

Steve McQueen's helmet, very cool and an instantly recognizable paint scheme, Hmmmmm thinking thinking 

Must be trying to lose their scent

A view I get sometimes except in white

Now these are fetching big money, all for that instant look

About the only harley i would consider owning

A nice wee thing

a cool ole lady

You go that way for ohhh about 1500k's then turn right, or was that left?

Shale, a lot of fun, but also very very dangerous, one slip becomes an avalanche come

What was that guys name, he was a movie star and muscian, Stung, stang, stuck, oh never mind  wuz well ard we wuz

There's something about GP bikes

Moto 3 is getting quite technical

Pack in that technology

men were men , and cows lived in tear, and grazing.

really like the color schemes that triumph come up with, that hazed anodised look on steel is really neat.

Great shot

haha tough little nut

This type of advertising is upon us

drunk as a Russian, lets go barrr find ggirl

very trick, love this guy

Monaco fuck yeah. love this little GIF it' shows it so well

Spider Pig Spider pig.

Ok, I'm done for the week, have a good easter, hopefully some of us can get out there on the bikes and rip it up a little, or find a bar and sink a few quiets. Enjoy

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