Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Well what an Easter weekend. had a stunning ride on my Guzzi Le Man 3 this weekend, it went so well, handled, idled,  started, stopped , everything that a 1993 motorcycle is supposed to do but betterer. Should I sell it or not, I don't know. So many different things on the table at the moment, I don't know what to do. Sell it and do up the Daytona, sell it do up the Daytona and buy a dirt bike as well, don't sell it, don't buy a dirt bike, and spend a longer time doing the Daytona, I'm confused as to which way I should go. Or not talk about and do something on the quiet. Anyway here's this weeks episode full of motorcycles that most of us would like to own , buy and sell. Enjoy

A new angle on  Ducati Monster, quite nice I thought.

great paint

Was in Waiouru a couple of weeks ago and about 5 of these rocked on through, it looked bloody cool, but the one that caught my eye was the one with the exact same bag on it like this one.

Go check out the ICON videos on Google, very cool and very well done. A Must See

Loved the paint scheme, would never have thought of this combination but it works.

The new MV 800, apparently it's smaller than a 600!!!!!

Boat with that Bugatti sir?

Good shot

here's that 800 again, Mr Tamborini's last design. stunning

I like this.

Now isn't she just a pretty lady.

A concept Mustang that never made the cut, pity

I used to spend so much time in this shop, it was always a great place to hang out, and check out the bikes and the new leather gear. My Brandon style Lewis leathers were so nice, and they lasted years.

Now I raved on about BMW's piss poor bike last week, this is the other one that they did at the same time, now this one, is THE ONE, but as usual we all want the one that they don't make.

Lovely little Vincent 

Cool car

In the back of these three is our very own Graham Crosby, getting on with Wes Cooley and Freddie Spencer

Lovely Guzzi

I'm supposed to be looking at this bike with a view to buying it, what to do, what to do a 525 EXE six day littered with nice bits, what to do what to do!!!!!

The latest Guzzi to hit the web, very tasty

This caused a few problems for the wheel manufacturer apparently, can't think why?

Lambo fire, ouch!!!!!

Check out that paint, Foose again, beautiful

A C90 on roids, very nice little scooter. And for those of you out there that scoff at that comment, I find all bikes ( except PC800s), nice, and this one I like, fat tires, bigger engine ( just), bigger brakes, and single seat, it's nice.

Why do all girls ride like this? they always look so uptight with their bum out and their back bent in, it's strange.

I've actually seen one of these, so somewhere in this country one of these is languishing in the corner of a dusty of garage

here;s the Kaffemachine Guzzi again, this bike is beautiful and will turn heads for the rest of it's life, simply stunning

It is everything that I've been talking about, simple, well built, attention to detail, and beautiful.

22,000 Euro will get you a no miles Doug Poulen Replica still in it's crate from 1992 with a shit load of genuine works parts, this bike is worth far more than that, and I am always amazed that new old bikes still turn up from time to time. This is amazing.

A 187 KPH lawn mower haha

Lovely little Pantah

Wayne Gardner exploring the darker issues of the 'Highside". wait wait wait flick!!!!!!

Mike the bike

Redman on an MV

Ago on same

This was interesting, didn't work, but interesting

fast Freddie

Reverse head triumph, check out the workmanship on this baby

Now great design is always going to be great design, who remembers dashboards like this one.

Street parade FAIL hahaha

Nah give me a bad handling 250kph motorcycle any day fuck this.

Another great Guzzi turned up this week, thanks Bruce for showing me.

Guzzi's are always about 'that' engine.

Well which one is she right now!!!!!!!

Just beautiful paint.

The moment that Mr. Lawson found out what Wayne Gardner had been complaining about all last season, "it wont turn in honest"

Suck and Blow, pure sex baby.

This is called the Boing factor

Oh yes

Doing this at 190kph

Travis Pastrana only him eh?

Phnarr phnarr

The guy on the left wearing the number 1 once said after a race with the guy on the right, that he went out with Marlboro sponsorship on and came back in with Lucky Strike. Mr. Rainey and Mr. Schwantz.

Hey....he had to turn up on here sooner or later. Actually this character probably did more for the acceptance of motorcyclist than just about anyone.

Check out the chirping back end of MM's bike. Look at the staggered black marks on the seal.

Mr. Lawson winning on the NSR

Great art, how good would these look hanging in your house, really large in size.

Some of the hard men of dirt in the 70's.

Mr marquez, without doubt the best little motoGP rider to hit the scene in years. 20 years old, and they still cant figure out how he does what he does to a bike. His latest trick is to get the rear wheel in the air ( no more than 20 degrees), and twist the front wheel over and turn the bike into a corner. Other far more experienced riders were seen to try the same thing but still cant. Oh he slides pretty well too!!!!! 

Well yes if you own one of these you spend an awful lot of time doing this. Sorry Tony it's true.

I do like a good water bottle, this one is particularly nice.

Interesting front end design

Mr Hannah scrubbing some speed

Steve McQueen getting up front personal and drunk with John Wayne.

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