Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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here's this weeks much awaited episode of bikes, girls, cars and generally nice things to look at, and to laugh at.

Bwhaaa harr harr

The one and only Eddie Lawson Kawasaki 1000.

A T500, pretty cool bikes

I had a model of this when I was a kid

Not too sure, but I'm pretty sure this is 'the go show Gobert' removing the front end of his Ducati for a wee service.

Ferrari powered boats were al the rage at one time. isn't this one a beauty.

How many calories in dust again?

Great paint

Litttle finger in the corner of your mouth, this is worth "millions'.

DoubleA, this is what you need in your garage, and then I can come up and ride it, bloody good project don't you think?

One way to get wet I suppose, he's OK, he's in the pod on the left, but shit does he destroy his boat, or is it a ship, I can never tell

Another way to get out of your car, he was alright too!!

Avinton? Hmm very close to home that

Stunning engineering

You know I like these. can you see why, OK I'll tell you, big, fast, so much engine packed into one small space, and even when you put someone on the back, it goes just the same. These are seriously nice motorcycles!!!!

And here's one being prepared as we speak

A whole bunch of Z900's

these things were famous for years and years in Europe especially in Endurance racing.

Looking a lot like a Britten in a funny way

Hey why not, he's a classic petrol head, and he makes me laugh. The only man I know who has written off 2 McClarens.

Freddie, get off of that Thang.

No one was injured in this, amazing, except for that little Honda  there in the middle that got squashed

This has to be one of my favourite Guzzi's ever ever, it's what cafe racing/riding is all about, big engine, low bars, design features that hark back to an era gone and beautifully crafted. But really it's about that engine. Noice.

Not too sure why you would do this, but each to their own I suppose

A lovely wee XR600 Honda

A very pretty Impala.

This was the dental Clinic in Willis Street

just for a bit of nostalgia a view up Island Bay 

Island bay

And looking down island bay, that's Erskine College on the left there

Nice Triumph, trying to look a lot like an XJR I thought, nice color though

Manthel Motors in where Wellington Motorcycle Centre is now

I do like these two stroke things

Here's the Aston Martin girl again

Or even one of these AA.

Brendan Hartley's new toy


I lusted after these as a youngster.

Pretty Hi Tech

A couple of lovely shots

This was pretty cool, you can order an I-pod docking station with genuine F1 header pipes as the speakers.

This is a lovely helmet, beautifully designed and well executed.

A bit fancy

Like this

Hmmm I was a bit worried about this, the cafe scene is really strong and very vibrant and I mentioned that it would be a shame for the factories to get on board and flog a few 'cafe racer' style bikes. Well they're here, and I really want to like them, but it goes against what it's all about. I do like the brown seat and the matt Yamaha paint scheme, ( wonder where I've seen those before).

This is beautiful................end

And now a few advertisements from an era we all wish had never ended

The storey behind this image is legendary. The photographer said you could feel the electricity in the air, the dude on the left Mr. Lawson was so sick of the dude on the right Mr. Gardner whining ( shit he is Australian) about how if he had had the Yamaha that Mr.Lawson had had, he would have won the world championship, so the dude on the  left Mr.Lawson left Yamaha joined Honda as the team mate for the dude on the right and promptly kicked his arse all over Europe won the championship then went back to Yamaha. Respect Mr.Lawson end game.Mr Lawson 4 Mr. Gardner 1. Having said that though there was no tougher rider than Mr.Gardner, the race he had in Japan where he binned it and got up and raced only to bin it again and break some bones is legendary, fairings hanging off all over the place. mud flying everywhere, great big leery power slides, the man was a tough bastard that's for sure.

These dogs have character in spades

A very nice CB900

Check out the size of this monster....Yoikkks

CX500.....looks good in B/W not too sure about that seat but it kind of looks OK.


That's all folks

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