Monday, 14 April 2014

Now this worries me

To ride a motorcycle is to search for freedom. The R nine T is your companion on your journey. The here and now is what truly counts. The sky above and the road beneath you. And in the middle it's you and the nine. An inseparable entity, pure symbiosis.

The BMW nine T stands for one thing above all else.....

Listen to this verbal diarrhoea, and then look at the bike. This is what I have been afraid of for quite some time now. The cafe/sled/bobber scene is alive and well and it resides in small garages all over the world, it's where guys gather on a Friday night, or a weekend and play with their bikes and build unique motorcycles for everyone to share. It's a life style, and then a big manufacturer comes along and produces  what can only be described as banality wrapped in turd paper, and the words that they use to try and sell it, are equally as full of shit. Don't get me wrong I don't mind BMW's as a bike and as a range, I have one, in fact I've had quite a few, but this sort of shit leaves me dead and cold.

The sky above, oh for Christ sake I'm gonna be ..........stop the car, stop the car

Now when someone wants to build a retro bike Moto Guzzi do it this way, they simply take one of their old bikes and  insert a modern iteration of their engine into a bike that is styled exactly the same as it was but with modern touches. Style wise they have not deviated from their rich design history, but they have produced a modern motorcycle. These guys aren't jumping on a bandwagon, they just waited for the trends to come around again. very similar to Triumph, who just knew that their bikes were cool then , just as they are now.

Very pretty little jigger

This may have been on the site before, but hey who cares, it's a fricken stunner

So is this, leave building bikes like this up to the small back street shops, where each bike is totally individual, and not like the churned out 'factory cafe reps".

This must have been at the twin pot rally or something like that

I'd love to know how do all the controls for the plane connect back up once the front is closed? I mean look it's only connected by 1 hinge and I cant see any cables in there hanging down. One of life's mysteries I guess.

A lovely little triumph

Oh yes

Who remembers these?

Lovely paint, like the little wire bracket that keeps your keys off of the top triple clamp too, attention to detail

A modern leman, it's funny how that little round headlight shell has remained almost timeless and instantly recognisable.

Honda's Dakar bike, cool rear petrol tanks tucked away in there.

Yamaha's $27K Dakar replica too!!!!!

Lovely little car

Great shot from last years Dakar

A rat Jeep, nice

Middle of the night, knee down, clear racetrack fresh tyres hot as, oh yeah Suzuka 8 hour.

Yamaha's old Dakar bike, we've changed a bit since then

Boing Boing Boing I'll bet the coffee cup never stayed on the dash!!!

1 man's nice wee back room

lovely little Guzzi

There was something about these old endurance bikes, they just looked proportionately right

That jump.......done by a Kiwi actually

Ok I'm having an accident

Ducati MotoGP 2014 model, compact powerful fast, and apparently now handles, did Rossi make his move at the wrong time........actually I don't think so, but it has to be asked and debated in many a bar around the world where motorcyclists gather

Mmmmm nice distraction on Pit lane


most definitely having an accident NOT!!!!! Amazing what these young fellows get up to.
Now you know I love detail, but check out the welds that hold the spring stay to the pipe, how small neat and tidy they are. I used to spend hours doing my tie wiring to make sure that it looked just right.

Looking like an oil painting but NOT


Barfman, and Rufbin haha

great shot

Nice old bit of Guzzi history

This made me laugh.......................

Bibendums personal mover

How true is this

Accident? or not, I can't tell.

And to finish just to show you that chicks can actually wheel-stand in heels , here's one for you
That's all for this episode, enjoy

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