Saturday, 5 April 2014

A bit of local flavour this week, a mate of mine has just done a 6 day ride through the Central Otago region, and he's got me all inspired, so I went back and had a look at my images from my last ride through there, so his images and some of mine are in here this week. It's not all about looking fucken great when you ride down to the cafe, it's about riding, I hope that this message gets through, it's about bikes and your mates and the things that we all talk about about when we go riding , bikes, girls, new gear, guns, ( yes Mike), and fast cars, it's about who we are and what we are about. So on the strength of the images I'm about to go out and buy myself a nice wee dirt bike to go on rides such as the one my mate Vic just did. Think a 450 yamaha WRF will do nicely.
Thanks Vic and thanks Mike for getting my juices going again.
Anyway all of you enjoy, after all what's not to enjoy about riding eh?

Way to go young fullah

Way to go you too.

The old Ferrari race production line

Classic scene

This is where we went a year or so ago, amazing country really, look there's a bike down there somewhere

And a bike way down there too.

Even stopped in to watch a bit of white baiting

fancy digs for the weekend but at $25.00 a night it was pretty good

Reefton coffee shops aren't much chop, but at least they are open

My mate Mike doing the beech forests out the back of Nelson on his 1200 Ducati, a bit of a hand full really

This guy even bought new tyres with him

We all had dirt bike tyres on, and it caused so many close calls on the tar seal, bad choice really.

Vic on his 'dusty Butt' ride

Me, John and Haydn years ago TM250's $1320.00 brand new

In my gay London dispatching days, shit  I think my jeans were a 28 waist 33 leg, and I rode a Bloody CX 500 Plastic maggot, but to be fair they were the choice.They used to go like this Brrrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, brrrrrrr, brrrrrrrr, tick tick tick, clunk ............clunk........................clunk........................chirp ( this is the sound of the rear wheel locking), silence. Quick phone call, a guy would turn up, motor out, motor in 1 hour and 250 pound later and back to it only for it to happen all over again a few months later, repeat about 2-3 times a year. But shit we gave these things a right screwing every moment of every day, and then in the weekends, it was a mad thrash wit yer mates to Silverstone, or Brands, or Wales just so you could ride with your mates. I kid you not when I say that every single guy I rode with then, I still ride with now and they are all great mates.

baby  l do love you  really, no motorcyclist ever said when he was racing

Indian photocopiers could never quite scale properly

ground clearance at about 0%

In the middle of no where, Central Otago is a pretty amazing place to be

Vic and some of his mates down south, lucky bugger

Yes indeed, I think he wants to get active on her beach to her mountains

Suzuki design this bike in the 80's it was called a 'Nuda'. Still looks quite contemporary even now

Kombi tent haha

Now a lot of people had an issue of the big twin lights on my guzzi, but I'll bet none has an issue they lads haha

Datson 260Z, pretty nice in their day

This dude is dead!!!!!! The family of this guy knew how much he loved his motorcycle, so they had him embalmed and mounted to his current bike. pretty sick really.

Now, again you know my thoughts on ugly bikes and bits of shit scrap that some people make, and then rave about how 'industrial', and 'purposeful' the machine is, and how it's a 'natural progression' of the builders 'existentialism'  and the way that the rawness of motorcycling is bought to the fore through the use of modern materials in a way not previously seen or thought of before. What a load of shit!!!! And that is what this thing is. I mean read what was scribled onto the side of the tank, pa..... lease, and that tank welding, that's just a poor excuse for shit welding. As forest Gump used to say "shit is, as shit does".

perhaps the guys from above should have taken more notice of what this guy built, at least we know it's Bull Shit

Things need to be in perspective don't you think.


You just know that when you slip down a slippery slope someone is waiting to do this to you. Ha ha ha.....

Lovely paintwork

6 go adventure riding

Don't quite know what is going on here

Now I'm not up for this sort of weather when riding

More this type of weather is my scene. I've often told me mates that if you see me riding the other way it's raining up ahead. Only problem with that is its bloody difficult to get ahead of them, so I can turn around and ride the other way. haha.

Confederate niceness

green Honda's? then I saw the name Paton oh I say that explains it. All Patons bikes were green

It's all about fun.

New Zealand conditions, Hmm the road was dry but very sheepy

Love roads just like this, left right, left right, left right, repeat after me.

A very nice wee car. Breitling sponsored and nice. This is what my mate Rod should drive.

Sir Alan Cathcart riding perhaps what was the biggest travesty in modern motorcycling history. Ducati built this bike, it was a fricken barn stormer, went like it shouldn't have, was light, fast, powerful and could have taken the world by storm. Only problem was, that they didn't release it in bigger numbers, so mere mortals could have a go with it. I got offered one in bits a few years ago and even then it was over 100K.

They took a big twin engine and chopped off the back cylinder

See the big lump on top? the green color is because the cases were made of magnesium. Very trick.

Well under that was a false con rod, so they got a 500cc single that thought it was a 1000 cc twin that didn't vibrate, bloody clever those eye-ties.

And although I cant be sure but this is either Robert Holden or Rodney O'Connor coming over the bridge at Wanganui on one. They wore the same leathers boots, and helmets, but it's most definitely here in NZ. This was I think the bike I was offered.

Hmm it didn't look that deep when he started I'll bet.

This is pretty cool

Always liked these.

This was the image that Aston Martin used for selling second hand cars. It read something like "sure it's been used, but would you say no". 

Nice face mask

Some people will do anything for a short cut

Confederates newest toy, Brad bought one, so did Tom, wankers

Great Selfie

She must be laughing at the size of his spanner

Not wanting to leave you all in the dark, but here's the last image of this weeks episode. Hope you enjoyed it, if not so what.

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