Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Ok, OK this installment shouldn't have come out for a few weeks yet, but I was looking through the images and thought stuff it, it can go out now, cos it was so good ( if I do say so myself). Enjoy 

Love shots like this that capture the speed

I saw a program on TV that said during the course of filming the DOH they destroyed something like 230 of these. Don't know if they had engines in them or they were steel framed chassis covered in body work, but over 200!!!!! The guy bought two doors and a roof for $500.00 to hang on the wall of his garage

Been there flung that.

When we used to burn old dinosaurs melted down bio mass with gay abandon, car less days Yeah Right, sure I'll turn of 4 of my cylinders for a day that still leaves me 8!!!!!!!

Cool shot

FAIL 101, this is not how you get on a bike, or check it for gas.

Guy Martin getting a bit twisted coming out 

Now that is a big fucken bucket!!!!!!!

Nuremberg straight, and you all thought it was just a ring.

japanes speedway is not so much about the bike racing, but about the gambling, but it's still pretty ferocious all the same. I watch a few of these races in Japan in another life and was blown away by it. Bruudy Clazy Japanese

Nikki Lauder ont Golden Road

Those that know me , know I've always had a soft spot for Yamaha and in particular this race color scheme, this makes this bike look pretty good, even though the bike itself when it came out was a piece of shite.

This is going to be me in a few weeks, adventure flying I think they call it.

bastardo fucken qué coño te crees que estás haciendo
Go translate that

Mercedes all lined up

Shit...............that's one tough dog, I wonder if it's name is, wait for it........Spike har har

Go to Warp speed 10

A great shot of the Paris to Dakar

Hmmmm liquid dirt, and I've just noticed he's wearing my boots, he may have the same jacket and helmet too, but I can't be sure.

Some sort of seventies mover designed for Mars out testing

Another big engine

Little tacker about to learn the taste of dirt, and he thought Brussel Sprouts tasted bad

This is believe it or not the worlds biggest turbo.....Shit 

Right about now I'd be having an accident

Hmmm pretty cold, perhaps it should have been done like the image below

1) sit on bike

The worlds biggest mobile truck crane over 115 meters tall ( that's longer than a football pitch)

You keep getting that all wrong

I remember when my father took me for my first ever bike ride on a proper bike ( a C90 step through Honda does not count), but a proper bike, he threw it into a left hand corner and I lean so far right we nearly fell off, haha. He never took me riding again. I always remember my mum saying "take him for a ride he'd love that, take out to Hunua falls". And him saying " Nah I don't want to do that, do I have too"? No motorcyclist ever said. Even then I understood irony.
A contract in styles between Pedrosa and Marquez, Marquez is the one on top body up sliding

The incomparable Nikki Lauder one month after his accident, he came 4th

Now I do like these cars

Nice color combo

Toyota was pretty cool in it's day. That was before Yaris, jazz, coroder,and just about every bit of dross they've made since.

Run Forest Run. bet that bears thinking Mmmm army, leggy, heady, snap crackle pop.

These modern car designers even give you a hole to fart through how clever is that? Or is it a cup holder for your KFC Pepsi?

On your marks, get se.......BANG, hey no fair

This boat is powered by an engine out of this......

This plane, awesome

Hey Macharina........

I keep asking how many calories are there in a mouthful of dirt

Way way too much rebound matey

This made me laugh, I don't know why I just did ok!

Inside an old Russian Sub

Feel the burn

A very very young Mr Sheene

More big engines yoooikkks

just more engines

And I was like brrrraaaappppppp!!!!!!!


Now this is an engine!!!!!

I just love the advice given here, Ha Ha my advice, this is like dropping your keys in lava, oncethey're gone, they're gone man.


And now a little grouping of Moto Guzzi's from Kaffemachine 

Plus a 500SR Yamaha single too

And finally, we all cut our teeth on these things, RD 250's and 350's, and even 500's, power bands, wheel-stands, crazy speeds Castrol R fumes ( for the day). This one is pretty nice too.

Well that's all this week, no chicks, no GIFs just toys for boys and a few moments in the world of motorcycling, hope you enjoyed it. the next ones got lots of girls in it for those who keep requesting it. Don't know why your all so interested in that really, personally I like the bikes, the cars, the accidents, and the Fails  a whole heap more. But I'm nowt gay or out, as Guy Martin would say.

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