Sunday, 4 May 2014

This is what motorcycling does to me.

Why is it that painted planes always look better?

In case you hadn't noticed yet, there's a Contach engine in the back!!!!

yeah nah

Sanctuary Kawasakis are bloody beautiful

Spannie porn

Those old Moto Guzzi engineers must have all wanted to be sculptors in their day I think

Gary McCoy, the Aussie 'Sultan of Slide".

Nice shelf work

Max's toy, don't they just look brutal, but beautiful at the same time.

I do like the look of this bike

A very strange looking Moto Guzzi, I like it.

I'm loving the paintwork on this bike, about the nicest I've ever seen

Don't know if it's a CBR600 or a 1000, but it looks like a whole lot of fun.

That Guzzi again

ha ha ha tyre warmers on the cheap

I suffer from head light confusion too!!!!

I'm moving more and more towards this color scheme

I think shes squashing those headlights

Now this is just as I like em, neat, tidy, finished properly

V-max madness

Is this the future, electric engines in bikes

Fun in the mud

Rocket bike, Jay Leno was riding his one day and a truck pulled up behind him, he looked in the rear view and saw that the heat from his exhaust was melting the plastics off of the front of the truck, so he left in a great wind up of jet power

Rotax powered Buell looks good done like this

Tasty Triumph

Now sometimes you just have to wonder, WTF was this person thinking I mean really, ruined I say

This is a very very well put together motorcycle.

Who remembers these old plugs, god they were heavy and slow, but everyone wanted one that's for sure.

OK, OK it's a pretty nice garage I suppose

This is an Eccosse, 2 liter SS engine, light weight ( come on it's 1/2 the weight it should be) and apparently they go very very well. I like the look of this bike.

Dropping that little SR into the corner with zero ground clearance

The Italians really do understand what it takes to make something look nice.

 When this image came up, I thought another sportster but then I had a close look at it, and it's actually not that bad, there is a certain cleanliness to it that i like.

A nice mix of FZR and VX to make quite a nice little thing.

Don't normally put up 'guy' tattoos but this is an amazing tattoo

That's the end of this weeks installment then.

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