Thursday, 8 May 2014

How's it all going, well another week slips by and even more images to send out, so enjoy.
Just bought myself another motorcycle, this time another big bore dirt bike, a husky 610 for doing some good gravel rides up north, and for some even better rides down south without having to worry about smashing expensive bits off of my BMW, So am quite excited by that. My Daytona is coming along well, got parts from all over the world arriving as we speak, so cant wait to get into that project.
Anyway enjoy this weeks lot

Mule motorcycles are world re-known for building really nice Yamaha 650 and 750 motorcycles just like this. Check them out.

Great photo

Stunning paint

This shows a certain amount of commitment I think, Mr Doohan

Salt Flat racer

I like this little yammie very tidy

Here's that 550 ram Air Suzy again, I like this bike too!!!!
A new Guzzi engine in an old Guzzi frame

Two ways of 'pitching it in'.

Who remembers these

A series of really funny ad's I found while wandering the net.

har harr

Now you could never do this on a BMW, ever

Blubber........that's got to hurt

The Judge, comes to meet his maker, what a pity, but I guess a lot of cars like this got wrapped around trees. Saw a program last week where it stated that only 370 Judges got built and for a wreck in a barn the owner  wanted $95K for it, but ended up getting $60K


Ouch!!!!!!and not a mark on the fence

I lusted after one of these $1,125.00, but ended up with one of these below for $250.00, it was the best weather reader I ever had, the moment moisture was in the air, it would die, the moment it saw clouds in the sky it would die, the moment I took it near a river it would die. But you know what, I loved that little Yamaha, because it taught me so much about motorcycling, and to this day I still have a soft spot for Yamaha's. It taught me a lot about weather too. This is the venerable DT175 and on this bike hundreds of young kids learnt the lessons of hard dirt, picking gravel out of your hands and knees and how to survive being winded. 

Let go man, let go there's nothing more you can do!!!!

Hardly surprising really judging by the weights in the side car. The pot hole must have only been the size of a golf ball.

Amazing scene really, how they live so differently to us.

Now that's a large explosion, check out the smoking axle over on the left of this image about 100 feet in the air travelling at about 200mph in that direction and probably towards some unsuspecting home where the two little kids playing in the yard have just looked up and said "WTF", the mother looks out of the window whilst cooking her flatbread and admonishes him for swearing. 3 seconds from that point their lives change for ever. 

Jay Lenos garage, now this guy knows what a garage should look like.

27 Liters!!!!!!!!!!

Just bought one of these to go and do some dirty riding, this is 98.

I like this design concept for a new Guzzi, and that dustbin front fairing is really growing on me.

One Renault Turbo down. 

Chris Haldane and me in Pukekohe

Cold Kiwi rallies, I'm so over them, this was taken 26 years ago, and still surrounded by Ducatis and I still fit those leathers 9 well I did just a few months ago.Haha

We literally cleaned up all year

Nice paint

Mr Lawson at his best

Sometimes a person idea of what their bike should look like just really doesn't work, but i guess each to their own eh?

They race Citroen's don't they?

The 'Hill' at Wanganui boxing Day


And on that note, that's me for the week Ciao for now

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