Saturday, 24 May 2014

Been away for a few days and time to catch up. here's the latest installment, this one is about bikes, girls, other shit that appeals to guys who just happen to like those things, talk about those things and in general walk about those things and talk about those things 

A very cool dad thing happening here

If you've never seen one of these chances are you won't, unless it comes whistling by you, this is a Gilera 500 single, and for a tiny bike, they fly, more capable than most on the road, and in the hands of a good punter , these things will almost always beat anything through the twisties.

This thing on the other hand will just beat you, particularly if you happen to be wearing a towel on your head, your shirt is 45 times to long for you and you are running through the desert, sorry, it's gods will 
( apparently).

I'm guessing he's not a buffalo girl?

But these are Bul taco girls for sure

You wont see many of these around either. but I've seen one in a million bits here in Wellington

Mmmmmm SP3, without doubt Ducati's most in your face superbike, you could buy these on the road.

Big headlights, some people love them, some people just don't understand

Just love this little triumph, well done to the man that did this.

Love the second guy in, he can't even see now, little wait for the race to start and get a face full

Little singles used to be the thing in their day, and even now they can still scare the carbs off of most bikes

From 911, this is what was left of one fire truck, the 11 guys in front, well they're gone sadly

As a dispatcher of some fame and notoriety ( if I do say so myself), but these guys are legends 

An unusual shot, so it's in.

Both tractors?

Love this image

The venerable 750F1, or maybe not, it's actually an 851, the very first

Kevin having some good ole Texas fun

Hmmm there must be a couple of nice boys about, but the car is pretty cool really

This is in here because I happen to like moto Guzzi's and this one is pretty bloody nice and beautifully built, it's a new engine in an old Tonti frame

No fuel injection, just give me some fuck off big carbs please, oh and put some big fuck off bell mouths on them too. I don't care that it will be hard to tune, it's what I want!!!!!

I've neard of 'wooden' suspension, but this is a bit far

Dead cool little truck

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