Saturday, 17 May 2014

This is called a cross up, don't know what it achieved but everyone reading this who raced in the dirt prior to 1980 will have attempted this on more than one occasion

And usually ended up doing this

Great image, love the color, go on enlarge it up by clicking on it

Monaco where else

I think her name is Pat Wells

ha ha what a crack up, the polish woman's ISDE sidecar team

Nice indoor outdoor flow going on here

I know which one is nicer, by a million miles and it's not the one below.

Ferrari pits

Kicking it in

There is something about a race bike

he looks pretty comfortable

Google racing Apes, these things are mental

Nice GT40

Hows this for a barn find, a Norton dealer in Belgium died and this is what they found 'out the back', there were 17 brand new 1974 Norton Commandos still in their boxes and plenty of other Norton's, and Triumphs sitting growing dust. Amazing

Coolest caravan

This is the actual ad that started it for me really, my first brand new motorcycle was the TM250 that you see in this ad. I still remember pouring over this image in a magazine for weeks/months and standing in front of Wellington Motorcycles when they were in Mercer Street for hours and hours looking at this motorcycle, and working my arse off to save the $1,235.00 to buy it.

And who didn't have a pair of these ha ha beautiful boots Sidi Tri Colors, still available today as a re-made replica. These were the bomb.

Mugen Honda's were pretty cool, designed and developed by Mr. Honda's son, it was him who persuaded Mr. Honda to build 2 strokes ( he didn't like them), thank god for that eh?

A V6 RG500 but now an RG750

Ferrari driving shoes, you just gotta have em I suppose.......

Ah yes, seen this a few thousand times too, except mine was the RM370 of the exact same era

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