Monday, 12 May 2014

The rear end of the new 800 MV Augusta, isn't that just beautiful, art in metal

Wow this is a brute and a half

There is a certain kind of calm that goes around a racing motorcycle. Sitting there waiting.

This man is a legend vale vale vale

This is a strange style, but it did stop him from the dreaded 'highside', and win him 5 world titles

they always look so simple

A great shot from last weekends MotoGP, these guys roughed up poor little Marky, so he just fucked off to a 5 second lead and then controlled the race from there

Not too sure where this is, but there's an awful lot of nice bikes in this picture

I love GP bikes, even sitting still they look menacing, and you could eat an egg off of that

Paton, a flawed genius if ever there was one.

And then this turned up in the garage the other day go figure.......wish it was my garage that it turned up in.

Working hard that's for sure.

Mr McQueen's hat.

I have a big soft spot for these

Just bought some of these, and very nice they are too,

My mate Vic sent me a site the other day and this was on it, a very cool and trick Kombi powered by Porsche

A personal Submarine anyone

Now this has to be the barn find of the century, check out the cars in here

Datsun still make a pretty good two door two seat coupe, they have a real history in them, this ones pretty nice. Looks a lot like a Triumph TR6 don't you think. 

My friend Ian posted these of Auckland in it's hay day of international sea plane travel, amazing that we don't do it anymore.

Nice Triumph, I do like these, my mates got one and it sounds brilliant, a bit top heavy, but otherwise a pretty good jigger and this one is right nice

Now how's this for a transporter

Upstairs deck anyone?

A very nice wee Guzzi if I do say so myself.

same seat as mine actually

bendy pipes, lovely

Bendy pipes.....................................

A pretty cool 900 made to look like a 600, the frame is totally new to me, and I thought that I had seen them all.

I know it's just a concept picture, but it's bloody nice don't you think, personally I'd do something with that seat though


A concept Guzzi that's pretty cool

The elf Honda as ridden by the original side burned warrior Rocket Ron Haslam, but this one is a four stroker, pretty cool bikes

Hmmmm this is nice as well

I couldn't think of a good ending, so this will have to do.

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