Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Well here's this blog, this week, full of amazing shit, lovely bikes and some beautiful engineering, oh and some nice ladies. Not too much to say this week, been a very stressful week, but I have managed to put this together ( very late at night when I'm up). Hope you all enjoy.

 Shelby Lovliness
 Hands up if you remember these

 Nice little line up. I remember when these were bloody expensive, then they got real cheap and now they are climbing back up past bloody expensive.

Mert and Kenny having at it.
Yes indeed.

 Nice work

 Imagine standing at a Grand Prix nowadays , it would never happen

 A world traveler
 Shit they're even getting down on the IOM now.
 Big Bigger Biggest, and erh.... Massive

 The crank weighs 300 ton. Love the oil feeds to the bearings and the size of the nuts holding down the caps.

 Had one of these, they are still fantastic bikes even today

 I remember when these were all over the English countryside, guys building bloody big bloody fast motorcycles, oh what fun we had.
 My Japanese friends having a little meeting a couple of weeks back

 Turn this into that, pretty nice

 Tell me this guy doesn't look like Valentino Rossi

 Hmmm seen this design before.

I love em.......

 Modular design  can be 3, 5 0r 7 cylinder, 2500 ton, HP 250,000, just amazing, 5 floor high
 Here's it crank

 My friend Derek had a Porsche of this era the same color it was pretty nice, I still remeber the trip we did along the A4, great fun

 One of the prettiest Guzzi's around


 Just watched RUSH again and then this image came up.

 Serious stuff going on here.
 Fun happening here!!!!

 Here's a big end!!!!!!!!!
 I wonder what speed they give up the chase at? 15 meters?

 Take your family for a ride with your Moto Guzzi


 Using it all.

 This is like a Ducati 750 F1 but in car form

Ouch that's got to hurt, I mean he must have stubbed his toe.

 I quite like these, a simple and pure design exercise, but still very nice.

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