Wednesday, 13 May 2015

All the way through this weeks installment there are photos of an old shop somewhere in America absolutely full of old Ducati Bits and pieces, keep you eye out for them as they are amazing. I'll just put shop on the image so that you know.


 And somewhere over Wanaka this little monster flies.


 More barn Finds, I love that about us, we collect and collect until we turn things into junk, and then another generation of collectors comes along and finds these things and turns them back into beautiful things to look at and drive.

 A couple of my mates had a bust up this week over what constitutes an adventure bike, was it the bike or where you took it. My slant on it was that there are very few rides in new Zealand that make an adventure ride, as most of them have now become the roads more traveled as opposed to the road less traveled. having said that adventure does start at the door when you leave for a ride, but I think the true essence of a ride is what these guys are doing. To me this is adventure.

 Some of my guzzi friends in japan went for a ride.

 I liked this image, someone had written that this was as Cagiva was overtaking Ducati

 This is an adventure ride as well, I love that feeling of heading out of town, nothing in the world beats that.

 perhaps one of the nicest triumphs I have seen.
 yeah nah, sorry this is a crime against both brands
 For those of you who are confused, this should sort it out for you.

 And adventure rides can start on the back of a trailer, or a ute

 Brutal and violent, but so much fun.

 Italian metal workers are really the best, a mix of both art and function, stunning


 This boys and girls is what we call a super charger, Mercedes call them Kompressors, how big is this bastard?


And that it that for this week, or maybe not, I have quite a few up my sleeve, so I might put out another one this weekend. Enjoy.

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