Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hey Ho, everyone, was sitting here thinking about this weeks blog and I found a folder on my desktop, which is where I put images that I am not too sure about and where sometimes I think that I have far too many images of the same sort or theme. So I thought as a little extra this week, I'll put this one out now. It has far too many cars and far too many girls in it, and not really enough motorcycles, but you know what, sometimes life is like that, you have 3, or 5 motorcycles and some weekends you just cant get near them, because cars, or beautiful women just seem to get in the way and you find yourself looking at your motorcycles and saying to yourself " I must go for a ride",  Well this weeks blog is a bit like that, I just couldn't seem to get near the bikes for the other distractions. I am sure that you wont mind, because there are still some stunning images in here. So enjoy.

Big is best, just as well they could only make one.

 Well done, now that is nice

God paying his respects to 'nearly god'.

I have no idea........ but it's an alleyway I wouldn't mind wandering into.

 Eddie being steady, I was having a conversation with a pretty well known ex World Superbike champion and he mentioned that this was one of the nicest bikes he ever had the pleasure of riding. He liked it aesthetically as well as for it's performance. I had to agree with him, nice bike. You know who you are so when you've built that 5 car garage build one will you, and then I can come and ride it. Haha.

Haydn, is this what happened to yours?

 This is what it's about, mates going out riding, because this is all that matters

 Who remembers these?


 We used to have a shop like this in Lower Hutt years ago at the Mobil opposite the Hospital, you could buy anything there at any time, it was amazing, the time I spent in that shop buying shit for shitboxes hahaha

 My good friend Craigs new Triumph

Had one of these, exact same color, it was a lovely lazy Sunday afternoon got no time for worries type of bike. Sigh.....

 Now I do like this, Motomart in the Hutt could do this for you and then apply your own special paint scheme, but this one is really nice

 Now bugger this

 Did you pack the cheese dear?

 The ugliest but beautiful Moto Guzzi ever.

Nice little 450 Ducati heavily modified

 RIP Geoff Duke a true legend

Who among you remembers these?

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