Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Now I had to split this post up with last weeks one and as a result there seems to be more stunning ladies in this one as opposed to the first one, that's because I just split it in two and this is what you get. Sorry. Big week for me, don't know if the next one will come out on time, we shall have to see how it all goes. Cheers for the messages and the continued support for V2Guzzi, I love putting it together for you all to enjoy. Oh and welcome to the Japanese Guzzi owners, glad you enjoy it all. I've been looking at the images that I have stored for this Blog and I realised that while it is mainly about motorcycles it also has a lot of shit that I know motorcyclists like, food, girls, big earth moving equipment, planes, beer, whiskeys, cars all sorts, and I had to sit back and have a wee smile at that. It is all good I reckon, what say you?  It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm going away for a day or two,  to catch up with mates, and to have a few beers and talk shit about everything. Looking forward to it. so here is this one for you.

 Believe it or not but you can still buy these direct from Ford, they still make the bodies from the original presses. How cool is that.
 They closed Las Vegas airport on the day of the boxing because there were too many private jets in town, this is just some of them. Amazing.

I do like the color scheme on this, take note you can kill a bike with the wrong color or you can bring an old bike to life.

 Check the firing order ha ha imagine doing the spark plugs on that.

 will laugh when you see it.

 Ahhhh the good old days
 A very very nice Honda

 Nice looking Harley too.
 Swing low sweet chariot
Proper adventure riding.

 Even this little Honda is nice ( I must be going soft).

 Hello my name is Bob, I'm a motorcyclist, I first started riding small bikes, " go on have a try my mates said"so I did, and then I needed more and more, the hits had to keep coming and the bikes became bigger until I realised that I was out of control..........well you know the story

 Guzzi at speed

Eddies garage

 Man food

I wonder where the bar is ( probably just below the counter I think). Shit I make me laugh I do.

 Sue trying out a Scrambler

 Well it was in one piece when I got back to the start of the boat

I do like this Guzzi

 Grand dad

Shit I'd smile too.

Loook at all those Elsinores, and TM's in that line up.

 This little Honda changed many a life and spawned many a racer, and helped build the business's of 4 into 1 exhaust makers as well.

 This image is shit hot, some french guy absolutely going for it.

 Tidy little line up.

 laughed when I saw this

 Man/road trip food

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