Wednesday, 6 May 2015

So here we are again, another great post for you all to enjoy. It's been a difficult week but the post must always get through, so here's this post , I think you will enjoy it. Saw a great little saying last week that applies to a whole lot of people I know. It goes something like this " I see you live by the ride to live motto, but the mileage on your bike in your garage certainly tells a different story". I thought to myself well how true is that. So get out there and ride, stop bullshitting about what you can and cant do, whose faster than who, who does more and who does less, just get out there and be a part of it.
Ride on.
Finally my Daytona is ride ready, it still needs some on going little touches, but it is up and running, registered and I'm really liking the outcome of 14 months of work. Thank you to Ken Howe, Michael Dobson, Cycle works, and a boys at Motomart for helping me with my vision. And a special thanks to the best motorcycle painter I have ever had the pleasure of working with Luke Tahurangi. This paint is 'off' the gun and has never been polished, simply stunning. I've had many bikes painted in the past, but this work is world class. Luke is off to Brazil to represent New Zealand with his painting ability and I wish him all the best.
Seat re-done, and now I'm even thinking of altering this one . It never stops in the pursuit of excellence.

The orange screen is going, I'm thinking either black or red, or I might get this one warpped in silver aluminium.
The paint, the paint boss. Golden Gun Luke. He picked up about $7,000.00 worth of spray equipment for this competition coming.

It's starting to look clean again.


Gary Goodfellow one of my riding brothers reacquainting himself with his old motorcycle.

An 1199/916 cross over, funny how it still looks so modern, if not better then both seperately.

How trick is this thing?
Boy oh boy, some people should just stick to staying IN the cafe

two nice little pistols

Nice little Honda, I've been saying that a lot lately, worrying?

get in on

Every little fin, it's individual placement, the thousands of design hours gone into making this thing, so that that car can go 1000th of a second faster then the others. Amazing

 Who knew that Toyota made some really great cars back in the day.

 Is this like being caught in bed with an ugly chick?
Jessie james hangs out here

It's the barrel of a 50 caliber sniper rifle being developed.
'Proper adventure ' in New Zealand

Guzzi's always look so fast.

Kevin's locker room full of dead cow.

A very tasty Guzzi in the making

Chad's back yard, just for fun.

Has this motorcycle caused some trouble in the past few weeks, sheeze the shit that went down.

 Well what did you order.

This has to be the prettiest little Norton I think I have ever seen.

ha ha ha laughed when I saw this

BMW with a Yamaha tank, I told you Yamaha makes the nicest shaped tanks

Dont know what that is hanging out of his fly, but it must have got caught in his sheep.

And this is where I get off from this weeks installment. just as well really, What a great way to stop for the week.

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