Saturday, 16 May 2015

The classic black leather jacket, what does it mean? How did this icon of the bad boy become so sanitized that today it has lost the value or the meaning of what it is and was. The classic James Dean or Marlon Brandon jacket that was once associated with being a 'bad boy' now is worn by millions of bad boy wannabe's trying to take something on of that era when this jacket was worn not only as something to protect yourself with if you came off at the Ton, but it also represented your standing in society, a sort of fuck you to the establishment. Nowadays sadly this is not so. I heard of a story where a biker kind of guy asked the guy in front of him wearing a black leather jacket " what do you ride?", he asked, to which the guy in front said " Pardon me, I don't ride anything what does that mean?'. "Never mind" said the second guy returning to minding his own business again. So here's a nice black leather jacket for you all as a symbol of our unity as bikers, and as a statement to the rest of them, that we are different. I think every self respecting biker should have one in their wardrobe.

Clever idea to save weight.
 Speaking of clever, check this out from Ohlins

More clever ideas pushed into one single motorcycle.

 This is the exhaust outlet to the Lotus F1 Car, can't tell if it's cast of made.
 Weekends riding with your mates, that doesn't happen here in Wellington, because your mates don't have motorcycles like your own  ( registered, ready to ride etc etc).
 GS ready to go.

I'd love an RZ again, and then do this to it

 A very very nice Guzzi.
 Doesn't matter what you have get out there and ride, Fast!!!!!

 A gentleman has just finished a ride around NZ, some of these images are from his site and they show NZ in such a great way especially for off road travelers in the beautiful country

 Here in NZ we race 'stock cars' and this is the sort of action you get to see every Saturday night
 More from back roads NZ.

 Troy's Ducati flat trackers
 When these came out I didn't think that they were particularly that nice, but now I love them, this one's paint job a Homage to the 750 SS right down to the Z paint scheme.

Mr. Munch, this guy had is own style, and built his own bikes, and they were BIG. They still have a world wide following. I've only ever seen one in the flesh and that was in a small motorcycle store in South London back in the 80's.

 NZ for as far as the eye can see.

 You get to ride some interesting places off of the track in NZ.

A new XLCR, I quite like this little hot rod.
 Milford Sound NZ
 The devil is in the detail

 New Zealand between Queenstown and Cadrona, just stunning, what a place to ride.
 Love the way this explosion blows off his shirt

Magni Guzzi versus Kevin Schwantz and Steve Parrish, I like it haha

This is about as far as a scrambler will go.
 Pure sex on wheels

 Oh yes he did indeed ride on.

 Now I do like this one.

 This bike deserves to be more popular, it will when they get below $8K and that shouldn't be too far off.
 New Zealand again, look at that

 Yeah i know there was an image of this just before, but this one is different and still as sexy as hell. A mans bike that's for sure.

 New Zealand West Coast provides some stunning roads to ride.

Want to know how much water these things have, check this out.

 My mate Jason sliding through left hand corners in his Muzzy  in the little Targa, this car is a weapon in the extreme.

 Looking for all the world like a box of chocolates

 The science of stopping as come a long way from the stick and wooden block on the side of a wagon.

Barn Find Yahhhh look what I found.

 That's it I'm all burnt out but......
That makes me happy that I have finished yet another V2Guzzi Blog, so spread the word, share the site and enjoy. Now get out and go for a fucken ride.

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