Thursday, 10 July 2014

 They made a four door Panamera, but did you know that they actually did this years ago. This was the only one built and to this day they do not know where it is or where it went. I believe that there is a world wide hunt for it. pretty cool eh? Ugly but cool, kind of looks like a Citroen.
This is most definitely not ugly

You need thighs like that to get these things to turn sharp.

Spent a lot of time in my early working days as a stainless steel worker driving around in one of these. I always liked them, ours was the light Blue with cane-lines on. Used to be as noisy as fuck driving on the road from the big tires.
 Don't ask, and no it's not photoshopped.
Georges toy, bloody beautiful

 Freddies Thang
One of my bikes sitting here at Pukekohe, about $200K sitting there

Robert chasing Jason, both riders won plenty of titles on my bikes

 As did Chris on my 996

 Team "Large Balls' shit it was funny to listen to the commentators trying to get their tongues around the team name,
Grossi Cohlioni ha ha

You can tell it was still new look how pristine those cases and those radiators were.

 This is a mate of mine being an idiot for the sake of his children, good on him for showing them that irreverence can come in all forms and as long as you have fun along the way then it doesn't matter. Go Bryceee

Wow was all anyone could say when this Honda came out, VFR750 V4, it was pretty amazing, even after the troubles that Honda had with the previous models ( cams and valves shitting every 2 minutes, it was said that at one stage in America you could hear more Hondas popping cams than you could pop corn at a drive in). But they got it right on this model and it actually turned out OK.

fast in and fast out. I got to drive one of the British homologated ones across London one night for a late night delivery to Oxford, it was shit scary fast. It had a big red button right in the middle of the dash counsel that made it very angry.

Nice wee jigger
Nice concept

A better concept.................drink anyone?

This is what that Honda above got turned into, a nice little thing really

This ladies and gentlemen, was the game changer of the 90's and still to this day this bike is considered to be one of the most beautiful machines ever built. It changed everyone's ideas of how a motorcycle should look, and to this day if you lined up all the latest and greatest and then put one of these at the end of the line, this is the bike that would attract the most attention.

 And this was the final iteration of the 916 from above, powerful, light, class handling, and the winner of more world superbike titles than you could throw a stick at.

A 1953 Ferrari, look how bloody nice this is, even today it would look fantastic. bet it's gearbox whines a bit though, and there would be a slight waft of smoke from the exhausts as it drove away.

 If it was a V6 then it's cool

 An RS2000 was a pretty good car from Ford as well.

 You can buy these, old ejector seats from American WW2 planes.

 Pistachio wood handled knife, right nice

Someone has built a Lamborghini rat rod pretty cool


Came across this sequence of very nice images from a classic race at Le man and thought Hmm these look nice even though the color has been doctored, but still nice.

Look closely a  V twin 100cc Honda
Eddie raced one 2!!!!!!!

Moto Guzzi from Kaffemachina very pretty 

This is a Red Bull F1 Con-rod and some cuff-links made from the bolts. I love the work that's gone into these rods. I remember opening a parcel of Penske rods for my Ducati and they had this finish to them. Those little late night elves that work in the dark just along from the pipe welders are clever little bastards. I bet that if you held these in your hands you would end of with quality all over your fingers

You can tell I found a new 911 site can't you

Smith and Wesson watch, very nice

I think I still own one of these, I left it in taupo more then a few years ago, I was told it's still sitting in the rafters of the boat shed of a mate of mine. Built by a crazy Dutch bastard, he was a crack up.

 Another ejector seat for sale.

Doing you hair first thing in the morning is such a bitch.

 I love old advertising, it's bloody great.

 Anyone want to buy a Russian jet engine, they are for sale, pretty cool thing to have in the house, relics of the cold war.
 DT175, I had one of these, I called it me weather station, because it knew days before it rained when it was going to, and stopped immediately at any sign of moisture.

This is a beautiful XS650 Yamaha. Everyone should have a bike like this sitting in their house somewhere.

You sick bastards

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